181 morning with the girl and the chief minister

"Good morning, Miss Lerunda!
...... Good morning, Mr. Illume. You don't have to come to me first thing in the morning every time, do you?

 "Good morning, Mr. Illume, you have your freedom and you come to me every morning. He comes to me first thing in the morning and greets me. I've told her many times that she doesn't have to be like that every time she comes to greet me. .......

I'm not going to do anything that would be considered blasphemous, such as not greeting you first when you have a child named Lerunda!

 ...... I still don't understand how not greeting me first can be considered blasphemy. Even if I am a godson, even if I have a special part, it is still only a part of me--I am still just a child. That's why this attitude of Mr. Illume's is puzzling to me and even frightening because I don't understand his way of thinking. That's why I was afraid of what he might do, and that's why I avoided confronting him.

 Even after confronting him, I still can't properly understand his way of thinking or his beliefs. But even if I can't understand, I can face him and see him for what he is.

...... Yes. Then you can do what you want to do, Mr. Illume.
Yes. I'll do that!
Lerunda ...... If you say that, the Illume will really do whatever they want. If you don't like it, say so.

 I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that. Sheehan, who was listening to the conversation, looked at me as if she was worried.
 I am more comfortable with Mr. Shehan who treats me as if I were just a child. Of course, it's not that I don't like Mr. Ilum or anything, but I honestly feel a bit confused when he blatantly addresses me as "God child, God child.

 Mr. Ilum always comes to me in the morning. Mr. Shehan always follows behind him, no matter how fast he is going. Mr. Sheehan is not a very friendly person, but he always seems to be where Mr. Ilum is.

 By the way, I sometimes see Mr. Sheehan training, and he looks amazing. I don't know, he's not just wielding a sword. Mage swordsmen, as they are called, are said to be rare. They are rare in that they can handle not only swords but also magic. They can put magic into their swords to make them more powerful than usual. It's very cool and I admire it.

 I will draw water from the well in the morning.
 We built the well together.
 I draw water from the well and wash my face with it. Mr. Ilm follows me. Mr. Shehan follows behind Mr. Ilum. Mr. Ilum looks at me with sparkling eyes no matter what I am doing.

 I even have a feeling that no matter what I do, she will look at me with the eyes of a "divine child. When I thought about how selfish I might have become if only people like Ilm had been by my side, I realized. Because I thought of my sister.

 My twin sister, who I have not thought of at all lately. She was always affirmed by those around her. I was never allowed to get close to her, so I didn't know her well. I didn't have much to do with her. But I do know that she was affirmed and loved by those around her. My sister was the center of my life. I wondered if that's why she was so confident. --She was taken in as a child. And Mr. Lan was exiled. I wonder how she's doing.

What's wrong, Godson?
...... Nothing. I'm just thinking. Don't worry about it.

 That's what I say when Mr. Ilm asks me.

 I don't know how Mr. Ilum, who worships me, will think and act if I'm careless and tell him things.
 Mr. Illume, who usually follows me as I go about my morning activities, doesn't talk to me as much as he should. Mr. Sheehan, who is following behind Mr. Ilum, does not talk either. He is often quite silent. It seems that Mr. Ilm doesn't want to interact with me or anything, but wants to serve me and watch me. ....... Of course, if I refuse, Mr. Illume is doing something else. .......

 I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up with him, so I told him that, and he stopped following me here except in the morning. But in the mornings when he first wakes up, he wants to serve my side. That's why I'm usually with Mr. Ilm and Mr. Sheehan in the morning.

 Yeah, I really don't understand all this, I thought again.
 But I don't want to disturb them, so I've been spending my mornings with Mr. Illume and Mr. Sheehan. Well, there are a lot of gryphons, shepho, and other people with us.

 ---Morning with a girl and a priest
 The priest has recently been seen in the morning with the girl. There's also a magic swordsman behind her.