180 Record of Ms. 4

 "Records of the Shenzi.
 Recorder: Landon Stoffer

 There are still many things about the Divine Child that we do not know. I want to learn about it.
 Mr. Illume, a priest of the Kingdom of Fairytlov, has also come to live in this village. There was a concern that he might become too fascinated with Lerunda and go out of control. So I kept her out of the house. But Lelunda has grown up. She's decided to face Mr. Ilum properly. I was happy to see Lelunda grow up.

 At ten years old, Lelunda is taller than ever. Adults don't grow tall anymore, but children do.
 Lerunda will gradually become an adult woman. I can't wait to see how she grows up.

 Her relationship with her people has also changed. We now know what happened to Ms. Fito. Also, to my surprise, I found out that the god's daughter that those people are talking about is probably a child of a god who appeared in the past. The daughter of a god that existed in the past. A girl who pretended to be so powerful that she believed in it and worshipped it.
 The girl was influenced by Lerunda to become a Knight of the Divine Child. It's not clear what she can do now. However, from what I've observed of Ms. Fito, I'd say that she doesn't have the same combat skills as I do. If that's the case, will he be empowered in a different way?
 Gaius can change into the form of a wolf, and he can also use magic. It was said that he would be able to fly in the form of a wolf.

 He also had encounters with winged people. The encounter with the winged people was brought about by Lelunda. They were interested in Lerunda and approached us. If it weren't for Lerunda, they wouldn't have wanted to get involved with us. This place really revolves around Lerunda.
 Lerunda is the reason we are here. Lerunda's various influences have brought us all together. As I observe Lerunda, I can feel this more and more.

 There was also a sad event for both Lerunda and me. It was the death of my aunt. My aunt passed away peacefully. It is always sad to see someone die, no matter how many times you have experienced it.
 Lerunda has experienced many deaths, and because of his various experiences, he is gradually growing. We, as adults, must watch over Lerunda to make sure he does not go astray. Lerunda is a divine child, but he is also a human being, so he can make mistakes. I would like to increase the number of adults who can watch over Lerunda, and not just affirm her.

 I have also learned something about the range of power of the divine child.
 The scope of her power has expanded if she wants to take care of her people.
 This shows that the influence of Lerunda's feelings can spread.
 Perhaps, when she was in the Kingdom of Fairytlov, she was aware that the village belonged to the Kingdom of Fairytlov, and this affected the entire Kingdom of Fairytlov.
 Because it belonged to the kingdom, it had that much influence. If this village belonged to any country, it would have influenced the whole country. No, this is only a village now, but if the goal is to create a place where the people of Lernda and Gaius - the people the beasts care about - are not in danger, then this place may eventually become a country. That's what I'm hoping for.
 Since Lerunda is a divine child, he will be able to influence the world in many more ways. Even more so if he continues to act in order to achieve his goals.

 More and more people are coming. The size of the village is getting bigger. I don't know if this place will continue to thrive. It may be attacked by some other country. I don't know if this village has the power to deal with that. Let's work on the means to do so. For now, life in the village is going well, and although Lelunda's presence has kept us from being attacked by demons, there is a strong possibility of being attacked by people.
 Lerunda's magic is getting stronger and stronger. The things Lerunda can do with her magic are also increasing. Lerunda can overwhelm people if he wants to. There may come a time when Lerunda will have to choose to kill people. At that time, I will try to face Lerunda properly.

 ---Record of Ms. Lerunda 4
 (She continues to record the girl. She is looking forward to seeing what kind of path the girl, who is now over ten years old, will take. She is looking forward to it.