179 The prince and the action of walking a tightrope.

 I, Hiccuped Migga, spend each and every day in suspense.

 The cat-beast was trying to save the captive beasts by becoming the bad guy and integrating himself into human society. He sacrificed himself to help the captive beasts as well. I truly respected him for deciding to pursue that path, even if it meant making an enemy of himself.

 He told me that he, Dascha, wanted to help even if he himself was dying.

 There are many beastman slaves in this kingdom of Migga. The reason for this is because the place where the beastmen live is nearby, but there are other races besides the beastmen who are also enslaved. One of the dragon people captured by my brother, the fourth prince, is still a slave. He is the only dragon slave that I know of, but there may be others in the country. I haven't had much contact with the dragon clan that enslaves my brother. It's too dangerous to do that.

 I'm the seventh prince of the kingdom of Migga, a position of low rank even for royalty. I'm acting against my father's orders, and considering my position as the Seventh Prince, there's a good chance I'll be executed if I'm exposed. At best, I would be exiled, at worst, I would be executed. Or would I be imprisoned and tortured? It's because of this fear that I have to move carefully.
 I can't die yet. I don't want to die without having accomplished my goal. --I'll follow my will and act as best I can.
 There's a good chance that my downfall awaits me, but the die is already cast.

 But still, how should I move? What should I do? Thinking about it is tiring, but it still makes me feel more alive than when I was just listening to my father's orders without thinking.
 It's like being a puppet or something when you don't think and just do what you're given. I met Nina, talked to Nina, and finally decided to act on my own will.

 No matter how tight a rope it is, I'm determined to follow through on this decision.

"You don't know if you've reached the child?
No. Saddha of the Venetian Chamber of Commerce said she would send word to us as soon as she reached the Divine Child, but we don't know what's happening now.
"I see. ......

 In response to the report, I wondered if the beasts and their men that I had really sent out to reach the godson would be able to reach him.

 You can't know if your actions will succeed or fail until you try. For example, even if the child is still alive, I don't know if he or she will make it. I hope she does. If they don't make it to him and they all die, it will be painful to think about.

 Saddha of the Venetian Chamber of Commerce said that she would send some news as soon as she arrived. ...... But in the end, I'm not sure if the Veneers are our perfect allies. I thought I could work with the Veneers, and that's why I decided to send them with me to the Shrine. In addition, if you go with the Venetians, you will have the advantage in terms of supplies. --I hope it works out. And I hope that they will be able to reach the gods safely and live in peace.

 The divine child has a strong influence, both good and bad. Even if he is still alive, he is far away from the Kingdom of Migga, but there is no guarantee that he won't influence the Kingdom of Migga and the Kingdom of Fairytlov in the future.
 --When that happens, if the Divine Son appears in this land again, will I be ruined? The wolf beastman that I ended up killing would be an abomination to the godson. Yeah, but even if that were the case, I'd still do it, even though it wouldn't atone for my sins.

You should also try to collect the beasts that are being treated as whores. ...... You may think I'm a color freak, but I'm going to try to collect them in that direction little by little. I'm going to have to do something bad for my fiancée, Nina. ......
"Then ...... Hiccup's assessment is ......
That's good. I'm the Seventh Prince anyway. A few bad reviews won't change anything. I'd also like to do something about the beasts that Dascha is collecting so well. ......

 When I thought of a way to collect the beasts that were being treated as prostitutes, it seemed more natural to collect them even if I was perceived as a s*x maniac. The Seventh Prince, who had acquired a taste for beastly women, decided to collect beastly prostitutes. I've decided to act like this even though I'm going to get a bad rap for myself.

...... I see. Then it's Hiccup's will.
Yeah. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Thanks for sticking with me. You've been a big help.

 Truly, if what I'm doing gets out, my men will be punished. And yet, I was truly grateful that they were following me. I'm blessed. --I'm blessed because they're the reason I'm able to do this.

 --The prince and the tightrope walker.
 The prince is on a tightrope. He is moving of his own will. He's moving of his own volition, ready to accept whatever the consequences may be.