178 Merchant proceeds with exhaustion.

"Huh. ......

 I exhaled and sat down on the ground.
 Ever since I stepped into the forest, I've been having a hard time relaxing. There are demons in the forest. And the food I've brought with me is dwindling in no small measure. I do try to get food in the forest, but it's still hard to gather enough to live in the forest like this.

 I went into the forest because I wanted to see Ran, but I have no clue where she is. But I believe he's alive. It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if you can find any useful information.
 ...... One of the beastmen who chose to follow us has died, and I was naively hoping that we could get to Kamiko without anyone else dying. I was hoping. But I knew it was impossible.

 We might all die without seeing her. The thought of that possibility made me wonder if it was a mistake to enter the forest like this. But the thought of seeing Ran was what kept me going.

 Among the people I had entered the forest with, there were a few who felt the same way I did. One of the beastmen had died, and I suppose it could not be helped. The beastman, who was still a child, was especially shocked by the loss of a person.

 With so many demons living in the area, every day on the road was filled with anxiety.
 Even though they were deep in the forest, they still had no idea where Kamiko and Ran had gone. On the way, I found some empty buildings. There was no sign of anyone living there anymore, but there was a house on a tree that showed signs of having been inhabited.
 It gave me hope.
 I don't know where the people who used to live here went, but I had hope that there was someone out there.

"Master Saddha, are you okay?

 I'm the weakest of them all. The difference between the beasts and the well-trained knights was enormous. Even the merchants who came with me have more strength than me. It makes me feel miserable to realize that.

 My legs hurt.
 I'm eating much poorer food than when I was in the kingdom.
 I can't sleep for fear of demons.
 My mind was slowly becoming exhausted.

 Where should I go to see Ran? How can I see her face? That's all I could think about.
 All I can think about is Ran with my exhausted mind.
 A friend I haven't seen in three years. The one I love. The friend who decided to chase after Kamiko and then promptly ran away. I believe he's alive. I believe you're alive and I'll see you again. You can't do this if you don't believe.

"...... Oh, it's okay. And the others, are they okay?
They're fine for now. But if this situation continues indefinitely, there is a danger that it will collapse from within.
...... I know.

 I understand. But if this situation continues indefinitely and we don't reach our destination, there is a danger that we will disintegrate from within. So far, we have managed to prepare food, and fortunately, only one person has died, but still, we are approaching the limit. The current situation is not a good one, and if you can't see your way out of it, you'll be ...... wasted.

 What will happen next? We don't know.
 I can't foresee the future. All I can do is try to cut down on the infighting. And find a clue to the divine child, either by hand or by luck. The only way we can turn things around is to get to the godson.

 That's why I have to hurry to get to the godson.
 If the Divine Child exists at the end of this path, I've won. If that happens, I can do whatever I want.

 The Venetian Chamber of Commerce will also do well if they can get to the Divine Child.
 When you think about it, our fate right now really depends on the child. To see her or not to see her. That's all that matters. If I meet him, I'll be a winner. But if I don't, I'm a loser and will probably lose my life.

"Let's definitely meet ...... the godson. If we don't, we'll all die.

 My exhausted mind whispers that it would be easier to just give up. But I want to go on, even if I can't see the future. I will go forward with the hope of meeting the Divine Child. If I give up, it's the end and I won't see Ran. Because I don't want to die without seeing Ran.
 So I say the words and resolve to meet him.

 --The merchant, exhausted, moves on.
 The merchant is exhausted. (The merchant is exhausted, but because there is someone he wants to see, he tries to go on without losing hope.