177 Girl and Faith 3

 Mr. Illume is crying. She's looking at me with a lot of tears. But I can tell she's not feeling sad or anything. She's moved somehow? I don't know what that means. It's something I don't understand.
 Mr. Bloom is crying when he sees me. I had no idea how to react to her.

 At a loss, I looked at Mr. Lan and Mr. Dong.
 Both of them looked a bit indescribable.

Master Lelunda: ....... I'm glad you're speaking to me, Lerunda. I am glad that Lerunda is ...... mindful of me, and that he is thinking ...... properly about me. Lerunda-sama is ...... a really, really great godson.

 And Mr. Ilum is looking at me with powerful eyes.

 I told him that I did not trust him. I said I was afraid of the feeling of faith. He said he was afraid something might happen to me. Honestly, I thought he would feel sad at such words. I thought it might offend him. But Mr. Illume didn't seem to be bothered by ...... at all.

 In fact, he seemed to think that every word he received from me was a gift.

 Because I am a divine child, you are receiving all of my words. If I wasn't a divine child, she wouldn't have received my words in this way.
 But in the first place, maybe I wouldn't have been able to live in the village where I was born and raised if I wasn't a godson. In the first place, such buts and buts are unimportant to think about. My existence as a divine child is inseparable from mine.

Lerunda-sama, I am honored to be called by your name. Lerunda-sama, you are facing your position and power as a divine child. I am glad for that. I believe that the relationship between a priest and a priestess is not just one of nodding to what the priestess says and acting as she wishes, but one of facing the priestess and guiding her. I have a feeling of faith in you, as you say. For me, Lelanda-sama is like a god.

 Ms. Ilm's words are straight to the point.
 Her eyes are straight, her words are straight. Her words are straightforward, her eyes are straightforward, her words are straightforward.

"Dear Lelunda, I certainly have great feelings for you. I want to fulfill your wish as much as possible if you ask me to. However, I do not want to do anything that you do not want. I don't want to do anything that would cause you so much grief that you would be willing to give your life to the gods.

 Well, so you're saying you'd rather die than do something undesirable for me and make me sad? Too heavy. It's too heavy. And I definitely don't want to do that. I don't like the idea that you might try to die thinking about me. ...... If you're not careful about your actions, you have to tell me that I shouldn't kill myself if it means that Mr. Illume might die.
 I've been listening to Mr. Ilum's story with that in mind.

I'm glad that Lernda is confirming my actions. I don't want to do anything you don't want me to do. And I won't, but I am human. Even what I think is right may be undesirable to you. I want to be close to your heart and understand you better than anyone else, but you and I are two different people. If I take any action, I will report it to you as you wish. And if there is anything I do that makes you uncomfortable, please let me know. I would like to avoid such behavior as much as possible, but I don't have the confidence to say that I can really do that. Please keep an eye on me and watch my actions as much as you can. I am happy with whatever Lerunda gives me. I'm really glad that Lerunda faced me, even if he doesn't trust me.
"...... Yeah. Also, Mr. Illume, don't kill yourself. For my sake, live properly.
...... Miss Lelunda. Yes, sir. The Illume will accept your request, Master Lelanda.

 I'm relieved that she's not going to kill herself for now. Still, Ms. Illume really cares about me. To be honest, I was surprised at how heavy her feelings were, but I'm sure she cares for me in a different way than Ran and the others.

 I told her how I felt, she accepted it, and now she is able to go outside the house. Ms. Sheehan, who is with Mr. Ilum, will be monitored as well, but she doesn't seem to have any problem as long as she can be with Mr. Ilum.

 ---The Girl and the Faith 3
 (The priestess faced the priest, and the priest received the words of the priest.