176 Girl and Faith 2

 Faith - is the belief in something. And to rely on its teachings. Believing in me, believing in me, believing in the existence of a godson.
 That's Mr. Illume.
 As a priest, you have faith in God, and you have faith in me as a child.
 To be honest, I don't understand why you believe in me as a human being. I am aware that I am a divine child, but I know that I am a human being.

 I'm not a godson, I'm just a human.
 That's why I can't understand the feeling of faith in myself.

 I understand it in my head, but it still makes me feel strange. But there are certainly people who have faith in me.
 I'll face Mr. Illume after accepting this fact.

"Miss Lerunda! I'm honored that you've come to see me!

 Ms. Illume squealed with delight when I arrived.

 Her face broke into a smile, and she looked at me with sparkling eyes.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.
 I pray to the gods that have blessed me, but I don't think that is a strong enough emotion to be called faith.
 After all, faith is a difficult feeling.

Yeah. ....... You know, Mr. Ilum. I'm thinking of taking Mr. Ilum out of the house.
"Does that mean you have faith in me, ......?
Well, no.

 When I said that, Ms. Illume made a pensive face. I wanted to comfort her immediately when she looked at me like that, but I managed to shake off that feeling. Mr. Lan and Mr. Dong are also with me. They didn't seem to want to interfere in my conversation with Mr. Illume any more than necessary.

"I like ...... you, Illume. I don't hate her.
Me neither!
"Well, Illume. I think you should shut up and listen to me.

 I think you should shut up and listen to what I have to say," Sheehan said to Ilum, who was overreacting to my words. I'm sorry. Lerunda-sama! He straightened his posture. You should be more comfortable listening to ......, I thought, as I continued.

It's just that I have ...... faith in me? I'm not used to people having faith in me, or, uh, thinking like you do, Illume. I don't hate ...... you, Illume. But I was worried about how he would behave.

 I'll tell you exactly how I feel. And I'm going to face Mr. Illume. That's why I decided to say it out loud.

I think ...... faith is a scary thing. I'm glad that you care about me. I'm glad that you care about me, but I'm afraid that your care is like faith. I wonder what Mr. ...... Illume would do for me. When he did something I didn't want, ...... I wasn't sure I could stop him. So I chose to keep Mr. Bloom out of it.

 I was afraid to face it. I didn't think I could do it. In the end, I was just running away. If I could have been as strong as ...... Phyto, I would have been able to handle the situation without locking Ilum and the others in here. If you can find a better way to deal with this .......

But I decided to leave them in the village, so I thought I'd let them out. If Mr. Illume does something because of his feelings of faith, ...... I'll take it and stop him if he doesn't like it.

 I made such a decision. I made such a decision, so I told Mr. Illume properly.

I've decided to accept Mr. Illume and the others into the village as a result. I've decided to keep Mr. Illume, who has special feelings for me, here. So I'll take full responsibility for what happens to her.

 That's what I've decided. That's what I decided to do in order to face Ms. Illume.

"You know what? I'm going to let you out. But that doesn't mean I trust you. I'll make sure he does what he's supposed to do. If he does something, I'll take responsibility too. So ...... I want you to think twice before you do anything. What do I think? And what I'll ...... do. What you do, I'll have to bear. So ...... think about it. I'll let you out, but I'll keep an eye on you. And if you do anything else, I'll do everything I can to stop you.

 I looked Mr. Ilum straight in the eye and said.
 I'm not sure why she looked at me with such a tearful expression, but she looked like she was about to cry.

 ---The Girl and Her Faith 2
 (A girl who is a child of God says a few words to the priest who believes in her. (The girl who is a divine child tells the words to the priest who believes in her, trying hard to face those who believe in her.