185 Girl and Picture Book 4

"Here is the finished book. Please read it to yourself.

 Mr. Ran must be happy to have completed the book. She was smiling at me. Next to me, Gaius, Shinomi, and Lyrid, who had come here with an interest in picture books, were also there.

 The picture on the cover is of me riding a sifo.

 The sifo is so big that it has not been able to enter the house. I'll show it to you first when we go outside.
 Still, it feels strange to think about it again. I feel like I'm the main character in a picture book.

 The title of the book is "Lelunda, the Girl: A Meeting with a Horse. The title of the book even includes my name. The illustrations are also easily recognizable as mine. I'm still a little embarrassed.

 I turn the cover.
 Then, the title page appears. The picture on the title page is almost the same as the picture on the cover.
 Gaius, Shinomi, and Lyrid are looking at the picture book I'm turning with great interest. Mr. Ran and the other adults are watching us with kindness as we stare at the book.
 On the next page, a blank sheet of play paper is inserted and the main story begins.

"There was a place where there were two sisters.

 This is the only text on the first page. The illustration shows two girls. I could imagine that the reason why the drawing of the person who was probably the older sister looked a little like me was because the elf who drew the illustration didn't actually know the older sister. Because even though we are twins, my sister and I don't really look alike at all.

 The next page was a double-page spread separated by 'My sister was so beautiful and loved' and 'My sister lived in her shadow. The next page is a double-page spread separated by 'My sister was so beautifully loved' and 'My sister lived in her shadow. It is deliberately drawn so that the positions of my sister and I are opposite. In the illustration, there are people gathered around my sister. I, on the other hand, am quietly spending my time alone. This situation is depicted symmetrically on the facing page.

 Turn the page.

 The life of the girl who had been living quietly was changed by the visit of a priest," she said, describing the scene where the priest appeared at her house. There is no description of the girl being yelled at by her mother, as in real life. The story is really concise. The change in the girl's life and the visit of the priest took up two pages.

"A child of the gods is one who is loved by the gods.
Beloved by God and blessed by the world.
The land where he is will flourish and God will not allow it to fall into ruin.
God's beloved, that's who you are!

 The illustration shows a man in priest's uniform saying this to his sister. In the lower left corner of the illustration, there is a sentence that says, "My sister is a divine child. It is also described in a double-page spread.

 Turn to the next page.

"My parents were overjoyed to hear that my sister was a divine child.

 The parents and the sister rejoice together. I am not in the circle.
 On the next page, there is a sentence that says, "And the girl who lived in the shadows was thrown away.

 On the next page, there is an illustration of me being thrown out into the forest. Her expression is dark. It looks as if it might make me cry.
 I turn the page.

 On the next page, I was still looking like I was going to cry.

"A lonely girl wanders in the forest.

 The picture shows a girl wandering aimlessly through the forest. On the next page, there was another picture of a girl wandering aimlessly. There was no text on that page.
 If you turn the page, there is an illustration of me crying.

I heard a cry in the ear of the crying girl.
 A cry of 'hihihi, hihihi' was also written on the side of me crying.

"When the girl looked at me...
 The next page is the scene where I turn around. The next page shows me turning around, and Sifo appears only in shadow.

 When I turned the page, I saw a large spread of Sifo. I was frightened by his figure.
"There was a white horse demon.

 I turn the page.
"The girl was so startled she could not speak.
 Illustration of me frozen in place.

 On the next page, the white horse makes a face at the girl.
 Turn the page.
 On the facing page, there is a drawing of a sifo carrying me on its back. My face, which had been crying, brightened slightly.

"The horse was a very kind-hearted demon.
'Thank you, horse.
 The girl smiled as she met the kind-hearted horse.

 The book ended there. On the last page of the book, there was a description of the creator.
 The picture book was 20 pages long, including the title page and the pages about the creator. The text was short, easy to understand, and very readable.

It's great.

"Lelunda is so cute in the picture book.
Gaius, Shinomi and Lyrid squeal with excitement.

 Gaius, Shinomi and Lyrid shouted excitedly. Gaius, Shinomi, and Lyrid shouted excitedly. I was just as embarrassed as the three of them, but I also felt a sense of excitement.

"Your picture book is amazing, Ran-san.
It's a book that I've created with all my energy! You must spread it around and make plans for it!

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. She smiled as if she was planning something, and said happily, "You're really thinking about the future, aren't you?
 She's going to mass produce the book little by little and spread it to everyone.

 --The Girl and the Picture Book 4
 (A girl who is a child of the gods receives a picture book about herself. It depicts a part of the girl's life.