186 Girl and 11th Birthday 1

 The picture book created by Ran and her friends is slowly spreading to the people living in this village. We don't have enough copies yet, so we've been passing them around, but they've been generally well received," Ran said with a smile.

 The days we spend together seem to be unchanging, but they are certainly changing little by little. What makes me realize this is the day I celebrate my birthday. Birthdays are the days when we grow older. To be honest, if I were to ask myself what has changed between the day before and the day of my birthday, I would feel that nothing has changed at all. But it is true that on that day, I will grow one year older.

 --Today is my eleventh birthday.

 A day in the moon of the sky god.
 My birthday will come again. I never thought birthdays were fun until I was thrown away. Sure, it was my birthday, but it was to celebrate my sister. But now it's different. I look forward to my birthday every year.

 Everyone says thank you for being born and happy birthday to me. I can't help but be happy when people say that to me.
 By the way, just before my birthday last year, I became aware that I was a godson. Not that I might be a godson, but that I am. I'm still skeptical, but I'm still a godson. Because there are many things that can only be explained that way.

 When I think about it, the days of my tenth birthday may not have been as tumultuous as I would have liked, but they were certainly a year in which I felt a great change in my state of mind. ...... When Ran first told me that I was a child of the gods, I had no idea that I would spend my days being aware of it like this.

 And last year, I had an aunt. But she's dead. As I grow older and more mature, we all grow older. The older I get, the closer those older than me are to death. When I think about this, I feel a little bit vague. However, getting older is a joy for me as a child. Becoming an adult means being able to do more and more things. The more you can do, the more you can do for others.

 There were some goodbyes, but this year there were more people to celebrate my birthday than last year.
 Fito and his people. Billers, the winged ones. They are here. And Mr. Ilum and Mr. Shehan.
 More people than ever before.

 Mr. Ran said we're going to have a big celebration for my birthday. Because I'm a godson. Because I'm an important person in this village. That's why I need to be celebrated more than anyone else, so that the new people here understand that I'm more important than anyone else.

Lelunda, you look great!

 That's why I'm wearing a kind of dress that I've never worn before. It seems to have been made by a group of beastmen and elven women, using a lot of materials from around here.

 To tell the truth, I didn't know that they were making such a thing until the day of my birthday. It seems that they had been making it secretly without telling me. Phyto-chan and Illume didn't know either, and they complained to Ran that they wanted to be a part of it.

 The blue dress. I was surprised when I saw it for the first time, as it was made to be easy to move in many places. There was an ornament that resembled a rose on the chest, and I wondered if I would look good in such a thing. But when I tried it on, I was happy to hear Mr. Ran confidently say that it looked good on me.
 She told me that this was one of the birthday presents from them.

 I honestly don't think it's right for me to be the only one making a big deal out of it, but if I'm going to live my life as a godson, and if this place is going to eventually lead to a country, I was told I should make a big deal out of it, so I accepted. I've never been able to think that far ahead, so I think Lan, Dong, and Silva are amazing.
 Beside me in my dress are the gryphons, Sipho, Frene, Gaius, and Phyto. These are the contracted beasts that I have signed up with, and the people that I have made into my "knights of the gods.

 The reason why Gaius is not in human form, but in the form of a giant wolf, is that he is performing.
 They are building a stage, just like when there was a singing contest, and I am standing on it, accompanied by Ran.

"Today is the birthday of Lelanda, the Divine Child. Let's all celebrate together!

 Mr. Ran said in a loud voice. She asked me to greet her first, so I opened my mouth, though I couldn't think of what to say.

Thank you for gathering here today to celebrate my birthday. Just being wished happy birthday by everyone makes ...... me happy. Thank you so much.

 All I could say was happy and thank you.
 With those words, my birthday celebration began.

 --The Girl and Her Eleventh Birthday 1
 (The girl's eleventh birthday celebration begins.)