187 Girl and 11th Birthday 2

Happy birthday, Lerunda.
"Happy birthday.

 The sound of people wishing me happy birthday kept coming into my ears.
 The fact that everyone was wishing me a happy birthday made me really happy. I knew from meeting everyone that it was a pleasure to be wished, so I wanted to wish everyone happy birthday.

 The gryphons and the sifo are happily singing with everyone. My family really likes to sing.

 I have Fresne, Gaius, and Phyto by my side now.
 Fresne is standing beside me in a state that allows people to see her. The excitement of the tribespeople and Illume was at an all-time high because Frené, who is not usually seen in public, was out in public.
 Villers and winged people were in the back, seemingly unable to keep up with this noisy celebration. I could tell by their eyes that they were watching me. The winged people are not told exactly what a divine child actually is. However, it is possible that they have been informed in some small way. After all, they are only around me because they feel they cannot leave me alone. I don't know why that is. I think it has something to do with which god I am a child of.

 Will I find out this year which god I am related to? In the year since I became aware that I am a divine child, I have yet to find out. But maybe I'll come to know it in the future. Or rather, I want to know. It will be better for the future if I know.
 I need to know more about myself. I have to think about my influence, because the existence of a god child has such a strong influence. That may be difficult, but it's what I have to do.

Gaius, you want some of this? "Gaius, do you want some meat, especially when you're a wolf?
"Gah gah gah gah.

 Gaius in his beastman form. Gaius in his wolf form.
 The two forms are both Gaius himself, but the wolf form is slightly different in that he can eat raw meat, which would upset his stomach as a beast, and he has a bigger appetite than usual.

 Gaius has been practicing so hard to become a wolf that he has been able to stay in his wolf form for a certain amount of time. I think it's great that Gaius can do more and more things.

 I've been trying to do the same, but I'm only getting results little by little. If I am to be called a godson, I feel impatient to do more. I think it's wrong to call yourself such a big deal and yet be able to do so little. And I want to increase what I can do.

"Lelanda is eleven years old now.
"You've grown taller!

 "You've grown taller!" D'Andonga and Kayu are looking at me like that. I'm fifteen centimeters taller than I was when I met Gaius and the others. It's strange to think that I'm getting bigger little by little.

 Since I'm getting taller and taller, I have to change my clothes to bigger ones, which is a little difficult. I wonder if I'll be as tall as you someday, but I heard that you're tall for a woman, so you might not be able to overtake me.

"Yeah. I'm glad to be big.
Lelanda is prettier when she's small.
...... Kayu, I want to be big.
It's easier to hug when you're smaller than me.

 Kayu said something like that and hugged me tightly. Kayu still loves to be hugged. I like being hugged too, so it's okay.

"Lelanda is so cute when she's being hugged quietly.
 Kayu is smiling as she says this.

 When she hugged me, her breasts were right against mine. I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've. ...... I was a little curious to see if mine would get bigger in a little while. I was a little curious.

What are you doing, guys?

 When I was being hugged by Kayu, Nilusi approached me.
 He was looking down at me with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

"Eleven years old already?

 As he said this, Nilsi took a mouthful of grilled fish. This fish is from the nearby river. Nilsi and the others, who were cat beasts, liked fish better than Gaius and the others, who were wolf beasts.

Here, let me give you this.

 What Nilsi presented was a catsuit. It seemed to be a birthday present.

Thank you, Mr. Nilsi.

 I smiled and Nilsi patted me lightly on the head.
 Nilsi seemed embarrassed at being thanked, and quickly left the room.

 Then my eleventh birthday was over, with many people celebrating.

 --The Girl and Her Eleventh Birthday 2
 (That's how a goddaughter's birthday ends. The girl is feeling happy.