188 I worry about my sister and princess.

 I've been out to the city of Ananaro a few times with Master Ninaev's permission. I hadn't had a chance to look around the city like this before I came here.

 In the village where I grew up, it was a very limited world. The village was small and the people were few. After I was taken in by the High Priestess, I was carefully surrounded and never went outside. Because I had never seen the city properly, it was kind of fun to go out into the city.

 It's obvious ......, but I never thought about it until the country was in turmoil and I was in danger. I had no idea that people were struggling to survive like this. I had no idea. I really thought that I was special and that everyone else was just there to entertain me. That's why I didn't care about anyone at all and did whatever I wanted. When I look at the people in the city living their lives, I think how stupid I was.

 --My sister, Lernda, is the same.

 I never cared for ...... her at all. I didn't even know she was my sister. I didn't even care that she was in the same house as me, I just thought she was there to listen to me. I didn't look at my surroundings properly. When I went out on the street, I realized that I needed to look around more.

 I didn't look at my surroundings at all, and now I want to. Because I think I would have known about the gardener who was trying to kidnap me if I had been paying attention. If I had been watching him, I would have known what he was thinking.
 To be able to think like that, ...... I think I've grown more than before. I hope I can grow even a little.

Hello, Alice.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. I didn't know how happy it made me to be treated as a mere eleven-year-old girl. I've always been treated as a special person. --I'm enjoying my life here, and I'm slowly learning to be kind to people, something I never used to be able to do. When I help people, they say thank you.

 I want to do a lot of things to be thanked from now on. I've been living a free life, and I've been a burden to others.

 Recently, Mr. Ninaef has been looking troubled.

 At first I thought it might be because I've been bothering him by saying that I want to go out into the city. But apparently not.

 I've never met him, but Ninaev has a fiancée. He's a prince of the neighboring kingdom of Migga. There are a lot of slaves in the Kingdom of Migga, and it is said that there is a rebellion by them. ...... The prince sent a messenger the other day, and he said that Ninaev was troubled since then. ....... Ninaev's maidservant, Hondetta, told me so.
 I asked, "What's wrong, Ninaev? I asked, "What's wrong, Ninaev?" and she said, "You're watching her very carefully, aren't you?

 As I moved through the streets of Ananaro, I wondered what I could do for Master Ninaev.

 I owe Mr. Ninaev a great debt of gratitude. Thanks to Ninaev, I am able to live my life freely like this. Because of Ninaev's help, I am here now.
 That's why, above all, I want to be of help to Mr. Ninaev. ......, but what can I do? What can I do to make Master Ninaev smile?

 When I asked the knights who were down in the city with me what I could do to make Ninaev happy, they said, "Give him a present. I wondered if he would be happy with something I gave him. I thought so. But I thought it would be nice to receive a gift, and there was nothing else I could do, so I chose a gift.

 I wondered if I could choose something that would make Ninaef-sama, who was a princess, happy. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I found a hairpiece that would suit Ninaev and bought it. ...... The money was also Ninaev-sama's allowance, but. I want to be able to earn money on my own. When I grow up, will I be able to help Ninaef more, or give something back to someone else more?

 I had just turned eleven, but I wanted to grow up soon.

 Then I went back to the mansion and gave Ninaev a present, and he smiled kindly and said, "Thank you, Alice.
 I couldn't do anything to solve Ninaev's problems, but I tried to make him smile a little.

 --But reality didn't work out so well.
 Ninaev-sama received a report that Ninaev-sama's fiancée had gone missing along with the massive slave rebellion in the Kingdom of Migga.

 --sister, worried about the princess.
 The sister of the divine child cannot help but worry about the princess. But reality is cruel.