189 The Girl and the Resurrection of the Spirit Tree 1

 A spirit tree planted in the middle of the village.
 The place where the light of life of the spirits worshipped by the elves resides.
 Ever since I planted the spirit tree in this village, I have been putting magic power into it every day. Thanks to my efforts, the tree has grown much taller than me and is emitting a faint light.
 The more the tree recovers, the more it gives off a very mysterious aura. Beside the tree, there is a pleasant magical power circulating, making you feel comfortable.

 The Spirit Tree, located in the center of the village, is like a symbol of this village.

 I haven't properly explained the tree to Fito, the people, Biller, and the winged people. They understand that it is a special tree, but they don't think that the spirits are resting in this tree.

 The elves are dreaming of the day when the spirits will return.
 --They pray at the tree and at the altar every day because they have a firm faith in the spirits.

 When I met the elves, the tree was completely weakened from the actions of that plant demon. It was so weak that it could lose its life as a spirit tree. I'm glad to see that the tree is regaining its strength like this.

It's not normally possible for a tree to grow like this in such a short period of time, but I guess Lelanda's magic and her wishes are affecting it.
My magic and influence?
Yes. Lerunda's magic works well with the spirits. In addition to that, Lerunda is praying for the recovery of the spirit tree, right? It's not just the magic of the land, but also Lerunda's magic and wishes that have allowed the tree to grow so much in such a short time.

 Frenette is smiling next to me as she says this.
 The spirits in the tree have yet to wake up. Fresne is the only spirit that is awake in this village. So he must be lonely. That's when I realized I was holding her hand.

"What's wrong, Lelunda?
Fresne, I thought you might be lonely. All the spirits are still asleep.
...... Are you worried about me? I'm fine. Lerunda and the others are here, so I won't be lonely.

 Fresne smiled at my words and squeezed my hand back.

 I thought it would be lonely to be the only one like me in the world. When I think about it, I guess I can say that I'm alone because I'm the only one in this world. But strangely enough, I have never felt lonely. The reason I don't feel alone is because of everyone in this village.
 When I realized that Fresne might be feeling the same way I was, I understood what Fresne was saying.

Frené, I hope the spirit tree gets better soon.
Yes, I do. I want it to get better.

 "Yes, I hope it does." "When the tree is healthy, the spirits will be able to fly around freely in this village. Just imagining that makes me feel excited.
 The revival of the Spirit Tree and the spirits is a long-cherished wish of the elves. I'm sure Sireva and the others are dreaming of the revival of the Spirit Tree and the spirits even more than I am hoping for their revival. When I thought about it, I couldn't wait for the tree to recover.

 While I was talking with Fresne, the magic power overflowing from the Spirit Tree felt so good that I started to feel sleepy.
 I asked Fresne if she wanted to take a nap, and she nodded, so I leaned against the tree and fell asleep. As a spirit, Fresne doesn't have to do the act of sleeping, but she can if she wants to. That's why I sometimes take naps with her.

"Well, ...... this is...

 I hear voices.
 Voices calling me. Not only that, I hear something that sounds surprised.

 I can hear the noise around me. I wonder what's going on. Is something wrong?
 Thinking this, I open my eyes.

 When I open my eyes, I see an astonishing sight.

 There was light all around. --Lots of light. Every single one of them has a shape. The elves were in tears. They're smiling happily. Near them was a light. A ...... spirit. The one beside the elves is the same spirit as Fresne.

"...... What is this?

 A question leaked out of his mouth. I've just woken up and my mind isn't really working.

"Lelanda, behind you.

 I'm not sure how long I've been awake, but Frené told me to look behind me and I saw a spirit tree. But it's different from before I fell asleep. There was a spirit tree that was emitting a much, much bigger glow. The spirits that had been resting there were almost gone.
 When I got to that point, I understood.

"The tree is back?

 Before I took a nap, I was saying that I hoped it would come back soon. But I didn't know when it would come back. I can only say that it was a happy miscalculation for it to come back so soon.

 My eyes were completely awakened when I realized that the spirit tree had been revived.

 ---The Girl and the Revival of the Spirit Tree 1
 (A girl who is a child of the gods has been putting magic power into the spirit tree every day. As a result, the tree was revived.