190 The Girl and the Resurrection of the Spirit Tree 2

 A fantastic scene spreads out in front of me.
 I see a lot of spirits in my eyes. Spirits that are properly awake. I've only seen sleeping spirits, so this scene seems like a dream to me.

"Wow. ......

 The spirits notice that I'm awake, and come around me.

 They can't seem to speak, but I can tell they're happy. Somehow, that made me happy.
 The spirits in this place are mostly wind and earth spirits. With the resurrection of the contracted spirits, Sireva and the other elves in this village will be able to do many things.

"Ms. Sireva ......

 As I was gazing at the beautiful scene, Sireva called out to me.
 She had tears in her eyes.

I'd like to thank you for resurrecting the spirits of ....... We had hoped that the spirits could be resurrected in this way.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for. The spirit looked at me and smiled.

"This is the day we dreamed of when the spirits would return. It's a lie that we were so desperate when that demon was near the spirit tree. Now that I've seen this moment, I can truly say that I'm glad I chose to join hands with Lerunda.

 Ms. Sireva was moved to tears by the revival of the spirits. As if to comfort her, the spirit on her shoulder is reaching out to comfort her.

 Looking back, Sireva and the others were trying to sacrifice everyone. The Sireva I met when I first met her would not have been able to express her gratitude so honestly. She would have referred to humans as lowly creatures who couldn't use magic, and beasts as savages with beast blood in their veins. But I don't think he thinks that way now.
 I think that people change. At the same time, there is not a small possibility that people can understand each other. I realized this, and although I don't know what kind of people I will meet in the future, I want to do my best to understand them as much as possible.

I'm glad. I'm glad the spirits are back.

 From the bottom of my heart, I'm glad that the spirit tree has been restored and that the spirits are feeling better.

 I'm glad that I was able to be a part of creating this scene. ...... I can't help but be happy when people are happy. I think I receive a lot of things from everyone. I can say that my life is happy because of you. That's why I'm happy to be able to give something back to you.

I can't see the spirits, but I can see that the spirit tree is coming back. This is how the legend of Lernda, the divine child, will be added. It will enrich the contents of the picture book!
"Oh, what a blessing to be able to be present at Lernda-sama's great achievement. After all, I am convinced that Lernda is my beloved divine son. How wonderful!

 Ms. Ran said excitedly that the contents of the book would be enriched. Beside her, Mr. Ilum is crying. Next to the crying Ilum, Sheehan looks at her with disgust.

Lerunda is ...... amazing. I can't see the genie, but it's great that the genie is back.

 Fito, who had been by my side for some time, looked at me with sparkling eyes.

 It just so happens that there are no people with wings here. That's good. We don't even know exactly what they are yet. Mr. Ran said it would be safer if we didn't know that much about them.

 All the elves in the village are gathered here. The revival of the Spirit Tree was such a longing for them. Most of them are in tears.

 So is Wetani, who is carrying a child in her belly.
 Ms. Wetani is on her knees, tears streaming down her face, her hands on her stomach.
 Then she notices my gaze and stands up to approach me.

Lerunda, thank you. Thank you, Lernda. ...... I'm so glad that the spirit tree recovered before this baby was born.

 Then Wetani continues.

If the tree had not been restored, the child would have grown up without understanding the existence of spirits. And he might not have been able to make a contract with you. So, please accept my utmost gratitude.
"Ms. Wetani: ......

 If a child is born and grows up not knowing a genie and not being able to make a contract with a genie. It's something I don't understand, but I'm sure it's very important to the elves. That's why Ms. Wetani has thanked me so much.

 It warmed my heart to think that I was able to do this not only for the sake of everyone present, but also for the sake of the lives to come.

 Then, on the day when the revival of the Spirit Tree was celebrated, we decided to hold a celebration for its revival.

 ---The Girl and the Revival of the Spirit Tree 2
 (The girl who is a child of the gods is happy that she could be of service to everyone.