191 A girl and a celebration

 The spirit tree has been restored and the spirits are back. --That's why we're celebrating today.
 Even those who can't see the spirits are happy to see them back. The people who can't see the spirits are also happy about the revival of the spirits, partly because they are happy to see the elves crying over the revival of the spirits.

There are more little ones than ...... Frene.
I signed a contract with Lerunda, and she gave me her magic directly.

 Frené was a little bit bigger than the spirits that the elves had contracted with. I wondered why, but it seemed to be because she had made a contract with me.

 Frené and I are in the center of the square where the celebration is taking place. In front of the Spirit Tree. The elves asked us to be there, so here we are. The spirits greet me. I was happy to make friends with them.
 Phyto-chan was performing her votive dance for the daughter of the True God, which she had shown me before. It seems that because Fresne has made a contract with me, the spirits are special to her and her people.

 The spirits were looking at Fito-chan, who was dancing beautifully, with great interest. Fito-chan, who can't see the spirits, can't understand them, but she can see many of them beside her.

 Seeing them dance like this makes me feel uplifted. Phyto said that she had no power, but that was not true. Her dance seemed to have some kind of power.

"The spirits are pretty much back?
"Gaius ......, yes. A lot.
Yeah, a lot. I wish I could see them.

 I wish I could see them," said Gaius, who was standing next to me, looking around. He can't see them, but he's looking around to see if they're here. The spirit was not in Gaius's line of sight, and he wondered what it was doing. He is looking at Gaius curiously.

"Gaius, you're looking in the wrong direction.
Seriously, ....... Gaius, you're looking in the wrong direction.

 Gaius said regretfully and went to get some food, as if he had given up on seeing the spirits.
 It was a sudden celebration, but everyone was excited to prepare the meal. There were many more dishes than usual, such as roasted meat from the demons we had hunted so quickly and fried wild vegetables.

 I, of course, helped to make the feast. I'm not sure if I'm a godson or not, but I'm sure I'm a godson. ...... I may be a child of the gods, but I want to work just like everyone else. I don't want to be the only one resting when everyone else is working. I don't want to be told that I don't have to work because I'm a godson.

 I'll talk to Mr. Lan and Mr. Dong about that next time. I don't think it's a good idea to talk about it right now, since we're celebrating.

"Fito-chan ......, that was a great dance.

 After the dance, Fito-chan came to my side. Fito-chan was embarrassed by my words.
 After her dance, the elves will go on stage with the spirits. I was wondering what they were going to do, but they were using magic in cooperation with the spirits. But of course, it's not dangerous. They were using magic with spirits to create visible effects on the spot, such as creating wind and moving earth.
 It seemed that they did this so that those who could not see the spirits could feel that the spirits had returned.

This is amazing.
"So this is what happens when you use magic with a spirit?

 "This is amazing.

 And the celebrations grew louder. The elves on the stage looked pleased with themselves. The Elves on the stage looked so proud of themselves, and I could see how much they cared for the spirits. I can't help but feel really happy for them.

 After that, the elves began to sing a song of praise to the spirits. Songs in praise of the spirits that they had sung at the singing contest. The elves have many songs. This time, they also sang songs that they hadn't sung in the singing contest. The spirits seemed to like the songs, and were moving their bodies happily to the Elves' songs.
 The other members of the group imitated the elves' singing and sang along with them.

 I wanted to sing the song with them because we are celebrating the resurrection of the spirits today.
 The spirits seemed to be enjoying themselves more and more, and it was a pity that not everyone could see this.
 But it's fun. They're happy, and I'm happy. I'm happy when they're happy.

Lelanda, you look happy.
"Yes, it's fun.

 I nodded in agreement with Fito's words. I couldn't help but wish that these happy days would last forever.

 --And it was decided that this day, the day of the revival of the Spirit Tree, would be designated as "Spirit Day". It was decided to have a celebration every year because it was the day of the revival of the spirit tree.

 ---Celebration with a girl
 (In the village of the girl who is a divine child, a celebration was held for the revival of the spirit tree. And it will happen again next year.