192 The Prince and the Rebellion

 I was able to collect a few beastman prostitutes as well.

 I can't even reach out to the other races who have been unreasonably deprived of their freedom. I've been called a "beastmad prince" or a "beastmad maniac" for collecting beastman prostitutes, but I don't mind being called that. But I didn't mind being called that, since it was more difficult for those who had been unjustly deprived of their homeland and made into slaves than for me.

 If my father finds out about this, I'll die for sure. Keeping the beasts alive and letting them escape is something a prince of this land should not do. Acting against the will of the king is unacceptable. At first, these whore beasts were afraid that I would treat them badly, but now they are not. Those cat beastmen - the beastmen that Dascha is collecting - do not know that Dascha is acting for the beastmen. They don't know that Dascha is working for them. He is trying to do something from the inside, and he is being favored by people of high rank. I'm pretending that I like Dascha too.

 If I could send the beasts that Dascha is collecting to the gods, I would be able to ...... send them to the gods, but I am not even sure if the ones I sent before have reached the gods. If I had more power, I might be able to give my opinion to my father and fight him head on. But I'm a prince with a low claim to the throne, so I can't move. If I had more power, I might be able to appeal for the abolition of slavery,......, but I can't help thinking that.

 I can't help but feel that I am powerless.
 How should I act from now on? How can I do what I want to do better?

 --While I was thinking like this, an unexpected event occurred.

 It was the attack of the dragon tribe.
 A rare race that is rarely seen in this country. Known only to those who are slaves to my brother. Such a being attacked us. All to save his people.
 It is said that your brother was seriously injured and the dragons were forced to flee.

 In response to the attack, the slaves in the country began to move. The beasts I was protecting started to move too. I've been told that they're trying to throw the country into chaos and use the opportunity to free the slaves. They're freeing slaves one by one and adding to their ranks.

 So I was faced with a choice. Do I move now or not?

 If I act with the beastmen, I'm a traitor who rebelled against my father, the king. If I don't take action, I can at least continue to exist as a prince.
 Do I take this opportunity to make a public move to free the slaves? Or spend my time as a prince and move little by little. I wondered which I should do.

 As a result of my thinking, I decided to pretend that I was attacked by the slaves and then disappeared.

 I didn't want the slaves to continue to be oppressed. But in the process, they may have to take the lives of citizens of the same country. --But even if that were the case, I wanted to help those who were being unjustly deprived of everything. Maybe that's not the right choice for a prince. But the die has already been cast. I'm already working for the beasts. There's no turning back now.

 --We have to keep going.

 To be honest, I was hesitant when I thought about Nina. My fiancée, whom I haven't been able to see much lately. The princess from a neighboring country who chastised me and inspired me to move on. I've asked my men to take a message, so I'm sure Nina will cut me loose. The fact is, Nina doesn't know anything.

 I may never be able to stand in front of Nina as her fiancé again. No, the odds are far more against it. But I wish I could stand in front of Nina again. With such selfishness in my heart, I joined the rebel army.

 I don't know how this choice will affect my future. But I chose it of my own free will.
 The minimum requirement for victory is to free the slaves. If I could free the slaves and flee the country, that would still be a victory for me. But that's not the root of the problem.

 I know it's a scary thought, but the only way to achieve a fundamental solution is for me to become king. As I joined the rebel army, I realized a possibility I hadn't considered. If I could become a king, I could work to abolish slavery. Of course, it would not be easy to do so. If I chose to become king, the first thing I would have to do would be to kill or neutralize the rest of the royal family.

 I shake my head at that thought.
 I don't even know if the beasts will agree with me, even if I have come to that conclusion in my mind.
 Let's just say it to someone we trust.

 --The prince and the rebellion.
 In response to the rebellion of the slaves, the prince chose to stay with them.