193 princess and guessed

 I, Ninaef Faerie's fiancee, Master Hiccup, has gone missing.
 I'm more than a little shocked by the report. A large scale rebellion took place in the Kingdom of Migga. And with it, the whereabouts of Lord Hiccup.

 ...... I gathered information about Lord Hiccup after I received a message that his subordinates were to visit and cut him loose. However, the kingdom of Fairytlov is not yet stable. Although Alice, who had been brought up as a divine child, is somehow making progress, she is not without her concerns.
 I had only a few resources at my disposal, but some information about Hiccup had come to me. Master Hiccup was willingly and willingly subduing the beasts. He was also collecting beast whores.

 The prince of beast madness, the prince of beast hatred, the prince of oppressors... these were some of the names by which Lord Hiccup was called. I hadn't been able to keep track of him properly due to the civil war in the country, but ever since I had spoken harshly to him, he had started to act that way. He can't go against his father, the king. That's what he said about being stuck. I don't think Hiccup is still following King Migga. I don't know the truth because I haven't seen him since then. But judging from the visitor's words, Hiccup is now acting on his own. Even his disappearance could be of his own volition. That possibility occurred to me.

 The child was with the beastmen. Hiccup had killed one of the beastmen. A godson who disappeared somewhere. Hiccup, who was driving the beastmen away on the king's orders.

 --What if Hiccup, of his own volition, is fighting against the king? What if this results in a rebellion of the slaves?

 Even if Hiccup was respecting orders, he was certainly reducing people of different races to slaves. If Hiccup is trying to help them of his own free will...
 I thought that would make more sense. Maybe not. But I could guess that ...... was the truth.

 The path against the king. The path of disobeying the king's orders. What awaits us may be a battle to the death of one of us. Two forces with conflicting opinions will not stop until a winner is finally decided. For example, if Master Hiccup disappeared on his own, then he would be in full-scale hostility with the King of Migga.

 Would Hiccup win? Or the king of Migga will win. There would be no other choice. --I wonder what I can do for Hiccup.
 Hiccup said as if to dismiss me. But I don't want to cut off Hiccup, my fiance. Then what can I do? It's not a good idea to antagonize the Kingdom of Fehritolov and me. There's no way to move then.

 Perhaps we should support Hiccup in a way that does not antagonize the kingdom.
 The godson was with the beastmen. That's a fact. We don't know if he's alive or dead, but if he's a godson, we can assume he's alive. Or rather, I'd like to think so. If that's the case, we can support Hiccup's idea by taking his side.

 The Kingdom of Feeritroff made a mistake once. It protected Alice, the twin sister of the Divine Child, as the Divine Child instead of the Divine Child. Because of that mistake, we have to support the divine child. It was said that the Great Goddess was responsible for the mistake. However, the nation is also responsible for mistaking the existence of the divine child. And for encouraging Alice, who is not a godson. --To Brother Jurado, the divine child was with the beasts. With that in mind, I suggest you get involved in the neighboring country's turmoil. I think that would be the best way to save Hiccup from being cut down.

 However, this is like a double-edged sword. Acting on the grounds of the existence of the Divine Child means that you will have to deal with various fences. To use the existence of the gods as a justification. It can be said to be an action that uses the gods. I don't know what will happen if I act in a way that uses a real god child.

 Besides, if I were to get involved in the turmoil in the neighboring countries, Alice would not be able to remain uninvolved. If I were to act with the permission of Brother Jurado, and if I failed, not only I but also Alice might fall. That's how many people's lives depend on the position of princess.

 It's just my selfishness that I can't leave Master Hiccup alone. I don't know if I should involve the country in the matter. Is it necessary to involve it? You have to think about it before you act.
 I have to choose, how I will act.

 And I keep thinking and making choices.

 --Princess, guess.
 The princess doesn't want to cut off her fiancé. That's why she kept guessing and thinking. And I make a choice.