194 A girl and a funny person 1

♪ Round and round and round ♪
♪ Round and round and round ♪
♪ Round and round and round ♪

 The little gryphons are singing right in front of me. Lema, Luma, Lumiha and Yuin like to sing. I often sing along with them. It's so fun to sing together like this.

 I'm sitting right in front of the four of them singing together. I was singing with them a while ago, but I'm taking a break because I'm a little tired. Incidentally, I can see a few spirits here and there. I'm dancing with them, but the child gryphons don't seem to be able to see the spirits, so they look at me strangely, as if I'm occasionally looking at an empty space.

 Whenever I sing a song near the spirits, they come closer. Whenever I sing near the spirits, they always come closer.

"The spirits are happy. I'll sing a song for you.
Good morning, Shillelagh.

 As I was relaxing, I noticed that Sireva was nearby before I knew it. With the revival of the Spirit Tree and the spirits, the elves have become more cheerful than before. No, maybe this is who they really are. I guess they couldn't be cheerful when the spirits they worshipped as gods hadn't returned. --I'm glad that things are going in the right direction.
 As Sireva sang along with the child gryphons, the spirits on her shoulders began to dance along with her. He is the spirit with whom Ms. Sireva has a contract. The other spirits joined in, jumping up and down with joy.
 The child gryphons couldn't see any of the spirits, but they seemed to be happy that Sireva had joined them, and their voices echoed again.
 I joined them and sang along.
 Then I noticed that people who had seen her and wanted to join in joined in, and there were only a few of us at first, but then there were about ten. To be honest, it was a lot of fun.

 After a while it was over, I was satisfied and turned on my heels to go back home.

 But Ms. Sireva stopped me.
"Oh, yes. Lerunda. I was wondering if you could give me a moment of your attention.
 I was surprised by what Ms. Sireva said to me.

 She said that something was wrong with Nilshi and the cat beastmen.

 I hadn't noticed it because I was so excited about the revival of the spirits. But when I mentioned it, Sireva said, "It seems like it's only since the genie came back.

 After I heard her words, I decided to watch Nilusi and the cat beastmen carefully. I asked Fresne to look in on Nilsi and the others, and I talked to Nilsi myself. After I did that, I understood what Sireva meant. It was true that they seemed to be in a state of mindlessness.

 Nilusi, in particular, was reported by Fresne to have had a thoughtful look on her face when she went to an empty place. I wondered what Nilusi and the others were thinking. I wonder what they are thinking about.

"Frené, what's wrong with Nilsi and the others?
"I don't know. I'm a spirit. I don't know what people think. If you're curious, maybe you should ask them directly.

 That's what Fresne said.

 I wonder what's going on with Nilusi and the others. I wonder what they're thinking. I don't know if I can relieve them of their sorrow.

I don't think you should leave them alone if they're like that. I think you shouldn't leave him alone if he looks like that. He looks like he's really upset.
"...... Yeah.
Maybe Lelanda doesn't need to worry so much. But maybe Lernda doesn't need to worry so much, because everyone besides Lernda seems to be concerned about what's going on with Nils. So you don't have to try to solve it all by yourself, do you?

 Fresne smiled at me, and I went to Mr. Ran. Mr. Ran is working hard on mass producing picture books. She said she would be working on the rest of the book in a little while. She also said that she would like to create more books and to improve the educational environment. There are not many children in this village now, but it is said that the breeding season of the beasts will come again soon. He also said that if the number of people increases, the place will need to be improved.
 Mr. Ran seemed to be busy, but when I told him that I wanted to talk to him about something, he listened to me without any hesitation.

"What is it, Lerunda?
...... Have you noticed that Nilsi and the others are acting strange?
Yes, I have. I've been wondering about that too. You seem to be in low spirits, or thinking about something. I thought it was strange that you didn't say anything back to me, even if I said something. ......

 Ran and Nilusi are good friends, although Nilusi seems to deny it. I'm not sure what to make of that.
 Ran pretends to think about it for a moment.

So, ...... let's go to Nilsi's tomorrow and ask her.

 So we decided to go talk to Nilsi the next day.

 --The Girl and the Strange Man 1

 (The Spirit Tree is back, and the village of Kamiko is at peace. However, there are some residents who seem to be acting strangely.