196 A girl and the birth of a new life

 Nilshi's wish to help the cat beasts was discussed by Ran and Dong.

 Nilshi, who had been in tears for a while, looked refreshed as she talked about her desire to help. I would not have been able to make Nilsi look this way by myself. I couldn't help but think that it was because of Ran's help that Nilsi was able to feel better.
 I don't know if I can go and help Nilshi's friends, but I would like to if I could. I've heard of the slave system, but I honestly don't like it. I don't like the idea of deciding who is lower and who is higher.

 It is not only my wish but also everyone's wish that we can move forward without using such a system in this village.

 While I was thinking about this, I heard that Wetani had given birth.
 I rushed to Wetani's place. Wetani's house was built on top of a tree, where the elves used to live, but I knew that it might be difficult for a pregnant woman to live on top of a tree. So, ever since she found out that she was pregnant, Wetani has been staying in a building called the Healing House, which was established by the Medicine Men.

 Since Ms. Wetani was doing her best inside the healing center, I would sit outside the healing center and talk to the people around me in a restless manner. Not only me, but many people from the village were gathered around the healing center.
 The birth of a child was a new experience for the village.

 Therefore, all of us were nervous and excited. I had never had the experience of having a baby as a child. There were pregnant women in the village where I grew up, but I could not get close to them. So this is my first time to see someone giving birth up close.

 However, I have heard that childbirth is life-threatening.

 Giving birth to a new life is such a difficult event. So, although childbirth is a joyous occasion for the birth of a new life, it is also a terrifying occasion for the loss of a companion.
 When I think about it, my anxiety starts to rise. I also care about Wetani. So I prayed that Wetani would give birth to a healthy baby.

A baby.
I'm worried.
I wonder if she'll make it.
I've always wanted a little brother, you know. I'm hoping it's a boy.

 Around me, everyone was shouting in their own unsettled way.

 For me, either gender is fine. I would be happy with either a boy or a girl. Just the fact that a new life will be born in this village makes me happy.

 If it is a boy, he will be like a brother. If it's a girl, she'll be like a sister. I just want to take care of it and cherish it. I don't have a brother or a sister, so I want to love them when they are born.
 I wonder what kind of child I'll have. I'll be happy if they are born healthy.
 I'm nervous, but I can't calm down. We're all restless and worried, so we're all gathered here.

"It's born!

 Finally, in the midst of all the anxiety, I heard the voice. "It's born," said Zechi. But it would have been a nuisance if we had all rushed in, so after getting permission from Zeshi and the other medicine men, we decided to go see the baby and Wetani in turn.

 When it was my turn, I went inside.

 Wetani was lying on the bed, looking tired. Next to her is a small bed. This bed is one of the things that everyone in the village shared in making after it was discovered that Ms. Wetani was pregnant with a child. There were no clothes for babies in this village, so we made them together. I also helped to make things for the baby.

 The baby sleeping in the bed was so cute. He was small, but his ears were slightly pointed, which is a characteristic of elves.
 I wondered how small a baby could be. When I thought that such a small baby would eventually grow up, I felt that life is a wonder.

"Boy? Girl?

 To be honest, I couldn't tell the s*x of the baby from looking at it, so I asked her and she told me it was a boy. A baby elf boy.
 Beside the baby, Wetani's spirit is happily present. The spirit was also looking forward to the birth of Wetani's child.
 I wonder if the spirits will make a contract with this child someday.

"The baby is cute. Do you have a name yet?

 I asked, but she said she hadn't decided yet, so she would tell me later when she did. In the meantime, my turn came to an end, so I left the place. I'll come back to see the baby when I get settled.

 ---A girl and the birth of a new life
 A new life was born in the village of the girl. It was a joyous occasion for the whole village.