197 Meeting with a girl 1

"We will now begin a meeting to discuss the future of this village.

 The one who said this was Ran.

 After Nilusi's comment about wanting to help the cat beastmen, they decided to have a meeting with everyone living in the village, including some of the ethnic groups.

First of all, one of the village's goals, the revival of the spirit tree, has been realized. It is a good thing that the elves' long-cherished wish has come true. It's also good to know that this village is doing well after two years of existence.
 The meeting was led by Mr. Lan, Ms. Dong and Ms. Sireva. Ms. Lan seemed to have prepared a paper of her own on which she summarized the issues to be discussed at the meeting.

 It's been almost two years since this village was established.

 As Mr. Lan said, it's going well. There are more ethnic people and some contact with winged people, but the village is self-sufficient without any help from others.
 The village is set up so that it can live without having to deal with other people. The village is well set up to live without the help of others, so that they can spend their lives in this peaceful place until they die.

Production is good, and we are slowly developing. However, I am not sure if we have achieved our main goal, which is to create a place where everyone feels safe and everyone can laugh together. At present, I would say that we are. However, it is only peaceful because there is no contact with the surrounding forces. If something happens, there is a good chance that our peace will be destroyed.

 Mr. Lan continued.

 She said that we are still short of our main goal, which is to create a place where everyone feels safe and where everyone can laugh together. He said that our current peace could be destroyed soon.

That's why we can't go on like this. Our current life is certainly peaceful, and I would even continue it if I could. But if we don't make any changes, the moment this place is finally found, we will be swallowed up by a huge organization called the State. I've come to realize this even more after listening to the conversation with Nilshi-san.

 Ran-san said this and glanced at Nilusi-san and the other cat beastmen in the room. We also looked at Nilsi and the others.

Nilusi and the others originally joined us because the Migga Kingdom had attacked their village. They are human beings like me, but they don't recognize the human rights of beasts. So they attacked us and forced us into slavery. Nilshi and the others who managed to escape and join me are alive today. But the captives must be living a life far from peaceful. Nilshi wanted to go and help them. I would like everyone's opinion on that.

 Ran looked around at all of us and said, "First of all, who raised their hands?

 The first person to raise his hand was Dong.

I'd like to go help them if I can. I don't want to leave them behind because I know them.

 Nilshi's village and Dong's village had a long history of communication. It must be hard for Dong's to see people he knew being reduced to slavery.

 The next person to raise his hand was Wetani, an elf.

I'm against the rescue. I'd like to help the people who are in slavery, but it's dangerous to go to the country for help. The chances of it not working out are much higher. In fact, it is more likely that you will get caught trying to help. I'm against it because I'm sad to see the people I went to help get caught.

 Ms. Wetani was attending the meeting with a baby in her arms.

 Ms. Wetani's point also makes sense to me. A country is made up of many more people than the village we live in. In terms of numbers alone, they are unbeatable.

 Just as Nilusi-san lamented when he first met them that he couldn't help them, even if he wanted to, it would be so difficult to go and save them from being captured and enslaved by the government. I remembered Nilusi's words, and that was why I couldn't easily say that I would go and help them.

 The next person to raise his hand was Mr. Yong of the tribe. The next person to raise his hand was Mr. Yong of the ethnic group, an elderly man whom Fito called Grandpa Yong.

He said, "If there are people who are enslaved, it is only natural that we would want to go and help them. I think some of our people have been captured. So in my heart I want to help. However, Lord Wetani is right, it is dangerous to go and help them. If I were to do this peacefully, I would have to come up with a reasonable amount of money to buy them out of slavery and bring them back to this village. If we use force, we won't stand a chance.

 There is a possibility that the people who were forced into slavery by the Migga Kingdom may have fallen into slavery as well as Nilusi's people.

That's right. I think each of you have a valid point. You can use force to free the slaves, but if you do that, the Migga Kingdom will fall into chaos. Slaves are an important labor force in the Kingdom of Migga, unless you think that it doesn't matter what happens to them because they are a hostile nation. If all of them were to disappear at once, the country would be in chaos. The best thing to do would be to buy slaves through legitimate channels, as Mr. Yong said. What we need for that is money.

 After listening to the opinions of several people, Mr. Lan opened his mouth. Then he continued.

There are no coins in circulation in this village now. This is because everything is done within this village and the concept of money was not necessary. However, for the sake of the future, it is not advisable for everything to be done only in this village. What do you think about implementing a policy to obtain money, including to help our friends who have fallen into slavery?

 And then Mr. Lan gave us such a proposal.

 --With the girl, the meeting 1
 (A meeting is held in the village of a girl who is a goddess. In the village of the divine girl, meetings are held.