198 Meeting with a girl 2

 We should have a policy to get money, Mr. Lan said.

 Our current life is all about this one village. Other places have nothing to do with us, we are self-sufficient only in this village, and we don't need to have anything to do with other places.

 Mr. Lan is saying that he wants to destroy this situation.

 It's like a big gamble.
 If we just stay here, we can keep the peace for a while. At least, as long as the people outside don't know about the existence of this village, we will be able to spend our days in peace.
 If we break this situation, we will be subjected to stimuli and influences from outside. It could be good for the village, or it could be bad. Maybe there will be people who will try to reduce us all to slaves. The more people find out that we have a village here, the more danger we are in.

 Mr. Lan dared to say that we should be in contact with the outside world.

 I think Mr. Lan is a great person for voicing that opinion and acting on it. He is looking forward to the future, unlike me who just wants the days of peace to continue. I love you and respect you because you look ahead and think about the future when expressing your opinions.

So, when you say you have a policy to get money, what are you going to do?
"Well... I think the best thing to do is to keep the village secret and try to sell the products that are produced here. However, in a remote village, bartering is used instead of money. So you will have to go to a big town. It is important for the village to get some money there. In order for this village to eventually transition into a city, I think everything should be able to be exchanged for money.

 While keeping the village's existence a secret, they go to other places to sell their goods. And get the money.
 In the village where I grew up, we basically bartered. This is because the village I grew up in was not a city. I had heard from my grandfather that money was traded in big cities, but I had never actually used it.

 That's why you need to do business in a big city.

It would be dangerous to go to the Kingdom of Migga or the Kingdom of Fairytlov to make a deal. We will have to go there at some point to help those who have fallen into slavery, but I think it is best to go elsewhere first. I don't know if there are any inhabited places beyond this forest, but I think we should continue to explore the area. If there are inhabited places beyond the forest, we should think about how to contact them first. If it is possible to make a financial deal with them, I think we should do so. However, since we do not know what kind of thinking they have, we should be cautious about that. Therefore, I suggest that we expand the scope of our search in the vicinity first in order to make a financial deal.

 Everyone exchanged their opinions on Ran's words.

 I'm in favor of expanding the scope of our activities. To be honest, I'm afraid of what might happen, but I also know that we can't continue like this in order to truly create a place where we can feel safe.

 Of course there will be dangers, but still, I made a vow with Gaius that day.
 He glanced at Gaius. Gaius was looking at Mr. Ran with serious eyes. The memory of our talk that day, the vow we made. It's still fresh in my mind.

 Gaius said he didn't want anything like this to happen again, that he didn't want anyone he cared about to be in danger. That day, he said he wanted to create a place where everyone could laugh and feel safe.
 The wish that Gaius expressed became the wish of all of us, and now, little by little, we are taking action to make it come true.

 If you are afraid to change, your wish will never come true.
 If the village remains closed, we will not be able to fulfill our wishes that we vowed on that day.

I agree with you, Ran. I agree with you. I want to do my best so that no one will be in danger.

 I had been keeping my mouth shut for a long time, but I said something like that to everyone.

 Because I want to step forward, I want to move forward. --Because I will always remember the vow I made that day.

 Of course, there were people who were worried and anxious about Ran's proposal, but in the end it was decided that the policy would be implemented to obtain the money. We all understood that our ultimate goal would be realized if we took such action rather than staying in the current state. There were some people who disagreed with us until the end, but that was unavoidable. It is difficult to get everyone to agree.

 ---With the Girl, Meeting 2
(The village of the girl who is a godchild has decided to break the closed situation. What it will produce, no one knows.