199 Meeting with a girl 3

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it. It may take some time, but we will proceed with the rescue of the enslaved people after we get the money.

 Ran-san looked around, and after saying that, he moved on to the next topic.

The next thing we need to do for the future is to become more powerful. This is also in terms of military power. It would be best if we could talk to each other and not have a head-on collision, but I have to say that is difficult. When something happens, we may have to use force. If you don't have anything to fight with, you will end up getting killed. I didn't learn how to fight because I thought I couldn't, but now I'm going to learn how to fight.

 Ms. Lan can't even use magic. She doesn't have the physical abilities of a beastman. You can't see spirits like an elf. --But she said she'd learn to fight better.

"To be able to protect yourself instead of expecting someone else to protect you. I believe that this is what we should aim for because we are a small group. It is also important to consider and simulate the possibility that if the village were to be attacked by some other force. I would like Dong and Silva to take the lead on this.

 Dongu and Sireva nodded in agreement with Ran's explanation.

 She said this because she thought she couldn't go on like this. It's not about having someone else protect you, but about being able to protect yourself. This is necessary because we are not a large country, but a village with only a limited number of people.

I also think that we should define our roles a little more tightly. At the moment, we are all doing what we need to do for a living, such as plowing the fields and hunting, without assigning roles. I would like to shift to a form in which the roles are properly allocated to each person. Eventually, I think we should make it a job in this village, and reward it with money. Because I hope that our village will eventually become a country.

 A country is what we are aiming for, Lan said.
 A big, big dream. --It's a strange feeling to think that this dream comes from the vow that Gaius and I made.

 From being a village to being a country.
 This change is necessary for us to achieve our goal - to create a place where everyone can live in peace.

 Everyone was listening intently to Ran's words.

 The people here have all had their places taken away from them.
 The beasts have left their homeland and sought a permanent home.
 The elves, whose precious spirit trees were nearly destroyed by demons, sought a place to return.
 The tribesmen were attacked by the kingdom and fled, arriving here.
 Because they have been deprived of their place, they all want to make sure that this peaceful place will never be taken away again.
 Of course, there are people who look anxious.
 Of course, there are people who are anxious, because there will be a lot of changes here as we move from the village to the country.

Of course, we don't intend to change the system abruptly. However, it is necessary for us to develop this place into a country. This place has Lelunda. And there is the Spirit Tree.

 Mr. Lan said and looked at me.

"When greedy beings find this village, the first thing they'll try to take from us is Lelanda and the Spirit Tree. Lernda, the divine child, is the one thing that greedy beings want more than anything else. The Spirit Tree is a special tree that stands out from the rest in this village. If you know this village, you will be the first to reach out to it. There may be enemies who want to take everything. Considering this possibility, we can never say that we can stay as we are. We are so weak that no matter how much power we gain, it will not be enough. We may be defeated by the violence of numbers, and we may have to run for our lives in pieces. To prevent this from happening, we need strength. We do not need power to harm our enemies, but power to protect ourselves. First, we need to have the power to protect ourselves, and then we can protect those around us.

 I can't help but think it's cool that you said it so clearly.

 I'm a child of the gods, so there is a high possibility that I will be targeted by others. If I were to be caught by someone, everyone might be in a serious situation. --I've always wanted to have the power to protect everyone, but it's useless if I can't protect myself.

First of all, what do you think we need to do to grow as a nation?

 After that, everyone answered Ran's question earnestly.

 ---- With the girl, the meeting 3
 (The village of the girl who is a godchild is starting to move toward becoming a country)