200 cat and escape.

 Life is really full of unexpected things.

 I wanted to get into human society and help the captive beasts. That's why I did whatever the Count's daughter wanted me to do, and little by little I made contact with the nobles of the Migga Kingdom.

 I was able to connect with the Seventh Prince of Migga. The prince was the one who ordered the attack on our village. He's the one who drove our village to ruin and now he's working for the beasts. The prince and I have decided to work together in secret. Ostensibly, the prince and I are both working to enslave the beasts, but in reality, we want to do the opposite.

 I've heard that Hiccup has sent the beasts to the real godson, but I'm not sure if they're really seeing him. It's a good idea to get out of the country where you can still find hope, rather than staying in this country as a slave. Therefore, I was thinking of somehow convincing the countess to take the gathered ones to Hickdo.

 --But before that, something unexpected happened.

 It was an attack by an entity called the Dragon People. Someone had been enslaving the dragons. Enraged by the enslavement of their friends, the dragons turned on the country.

 To be honest, I doubted their sanity.

 This was a country. There was an overwhelming difference in numbers, and if they failed, they would all fall into slavery. That's why I attacked. The attack resulted in a blow to the Kingdom of Migga.

 The dragons rescued their comrades, but they didn't stop there. They also reached out to us, probably because of their hatred for the Kingdom of Migga. They even attacked the Count's house just because they didn't like people who were taking pleasure in reducing other races to slaves. The reason he attacked the Count's house was probably because most of the slaves were gathered here by my wish.

 A Countess with a bad taste who is indulging in slaves of different races and collecting slaves. That's how I saw the people who liked me.

 It must have been very creepy for the dragon people. And they didn't like it.
 The dragon tribe attacked, the prince was injured, and the dragon tribe fled.

 Less than a week after receiving the report, the house was attacked.

 I was with the Count's daughter at the time. She still liked my face and smiled when she saw me. She sat me, her slave, down on the couch, right next to her, and looked at my face with admiration.
 I don't think this lady has any idea that I have any hatred for her. She thinks that I'm really thinking of her first because I'm a little nicer to her. I can't help but wonder what kind of head you have.
 I've thought about what I would do if I had feelings for this young lady, but I'm relieved that I don't currently have any.

"Hey, Dascha.

 And as usual, when she was calling my name, I heard a sound. It was the sound of something moving in the ears of a beastman. I said a few words and left the room.

 And that's when I saw the dragon tribe trying to break into the house. If I'd raised my voice, the soldiers in the Count's service would have moved, and if they'd known I was trying to break in, they might have fled. But I didn't dare to tell them what I found out. --It didn't matter to me if the dragon tribe attacked the house. In fact, they were hostile to the Kingdom of Migga, and in a sense, they were my friends.

 Besides, if I made a scene here, there was a possibility that the humans present would use the beastman slaves I was collecting as shields to escape. It was disgusting, but I had also seen people confidently claiming that they had made good use of their slaves in that way.

 What should I do? What should I do?
 No matter how much I thought about it, I honestly couldn't figure out which was the best option.

 While I was thinking about it, I glanced at them again. Our eyes met. They had surprised looks on their faces. The person looking at me seemed to understand from a distance that I was not going to make a scene. Without turning back, I entered the house. I returned to the lady's side with an indifferent face.

 Some time later, the house became noisy.

 I could hear a noisy voice saying, "It's the dragon people. The lady is trembling. She tells me to run away. I decide to follow her and leave the room with her.

 There is a lot of noise in the house.
 I make a show of running away, but I lead the lady towards the slaves. As I'm doing this, a man is killed in front of me. And the dragon people appear.

 At the sight of the dragons, the lady let out a pitiful "hiya" and fainted.
 --The dragon tribe that was there was the same dragon tribe that I saw.

 The dragon clan that was there was the dragon clan that I had seen.

What do you think ...... you're doing on the side of the people?
"...... What do you mean by what? I'm only doing this for my own protection.
Lie to me. If you really were, you would have spoken up when you saw them trying to break in. Besides, the slave told me. You're a kind man after all. Why don't we just run away together? It's better to run for your own protection.

 What about running away, says the dragon tribe.

 Maybe it's better to run away now. If you run, you'll find some peace. But... I need to think about what I can do to achieve my goal. As the dragons attack, the slaves may be freed. But there are still beasts who won't be freed... If I run away now, even what I've done so far will be meaningless.

"Just listen to me, I'm talking to myself. You're going to have to let me and the lady go.

 I opened my mouth to conclude what I should do. There was a chance that I might be killed, but that didn't stop me.

I'm going to join the humans as the beastman who saved the lady. It's not because I like humans. I have a goal. And I'm working for it. Can you let me off the hook?
"...... Okay.

 Instead of running away here, I'm going to choose a path that will take me further into human society. I believe that if I act in this way, I will be able to break through this situation. No, because I swear I will change it.
 The dragon clan nodded at my words.
 And I ran away from the house with the young lady at my side.

 ---Fleeing with a cat.
 The cat made up its mind after the dragon tribe attacked. The cat was determined after the dragon tribe attacked him, and fled the house with the young lady in order to make more inroads into human society.