201 Record of Ms. 5

The Village Project
Recorded by Landono Stoffer

 This is a record of a plan to develop the village further.
 The village has been running well. It has become self-sustaining, and if nothing happens to it, it will continue to do well.
 However, there is a godson, Lerunda, in this village. The Divine Child has a tendency to get involved in things that will probably leave a mark on history. The things that Lelunda has experienced so far are things that she would not have experienced if she had lived a normal life.
 For now, things are going well, but it is not certain that she will be able to live in peace in the future. In order to achieve this goal, I believe it is necessary to eventually turn this village into a country. If we can't do that, we won't be able to protect Lerunda from someone from outside.

 Our ultimate goal.
 To turn this village into a country.
 Because it is difficult to protect Lernda, the divine child, without the power of a country. And because if this village is known, the inhabitants of this village may be reduced to slaves.
 Our village is not in possession of power.

 In order to achieve our ultimate goal, what we need to do is what we talked about in the last meeting.

 Monetary measures
 Currently, the village is bartering. However, we need money to buy back slaves and so on. Since we may deepen exchanges with other forces in the future, monetary measures are important.

 Contacting settlements
 Make contact with outside settlements. And get money. It is also necessary to obtain information. Contacting the outside world can be seen as a double-edged sword, but we must manage to make it work.

 Division of Roles
 In order to make this village into a country, we should divide the roles. We should divide the roles in the form of professions, and prepare the troops to fight. We should create a kind of self-defense force that will fight for a living.

 And although we didn't talk about it at the meeting, we have a number of plans for the future. Whether or not we will actually proceed with these plans will be discussed with Dong and the others. This is just what I'm thinking.

 To increase the number of people.
 It may be dangerous to make it a country, but to make it a country, we need to increase the number of people. We also need to build more buildings and transform the village into a city.
 It is also necessary to build roads and stores. However, the beastmen and elves who originally lived in this village have only ever lived in a village, so there will be a lot of confusion when turning it into a city. The most. The most important thing to remember is that the elves will not leave this place because of the presence of the Spirit Tree.
 As a way to increase the number of people, it would be important to first attract the flying elves to join us in the true sense of the word. They are interested in Lerunda. They don't seem to want to do any harm to Lerunda, but we want to make them our friends. I would also like to visit the areas where they live.
 It is also important to increase the number of so-called artisans and specialists. I would like to make more rules and laws to go along with this.

 Create special products.
 I would like to create specialties that can only be found in this village. The elves may object to this, but if we can make something using the spirit tree, it will be a special product that can only be made here. Alternatively, we could use the feathers and hair of the gryphons that Lelanda has contracted with to make something.
 I think it would be risky to start selling them right away, but once we have confirmed the safety of this village, I would like to start selling things that can only be found here. I think it would be dangerous to sell them right away, but once we have confirmed the safety of this village to some extent, we would like to start selling things that are unique to this village.

 To create a leader.
 Although Lerunda may not like it, I think it is important to create a leader position for the country. At the moment, Mr. Dong and Ms. Sireva are in charge of this, but it is not yet clearly defined. Lerunda will have a special position as a divine child when this place becomes a country. It should be done in order to protect Lerunda.

 Manipulation of information against Lerunda
 In order to increase the number of people, we need a policy to make people recognize that Lerunda is special. I would like to make people recognize the absolute principle that Lerunda is important and that they should not touch Lerunda. I would like to take more actions to protect Lerunda, and making picture books is one of them.

 I want to investigate the abilities of the Divine Son and the Divine Son's knights, as well as the abilities of the other villagers.
 I think we should investigate more about what they can do. Of course, we should respect their will, but if we can find out what they can do and what they can't do, it will be useful for the future.

 Distribute books that summarize the history of this village and the beliefs of the people who live here.
 To compile a book for the increasing number of people in the future. In addition to spreading the word about Lerunda, we will also be working on this. Since people of various faiths are expected to gather here, it will be important to make them aware. It is still good for now, but as the number of people increases, it will be a big problem if people do not understand.

 It is important to increase the strength of your forces, including the creation of weapons.
 Since there is a good chance that we will eventually have to fight with someone else, it is important that we make more weapons and strengthen our fighting skills. For this purpose, I would like to bring in proper blacksmiths from the outside.

 There are many things that need to be done, such as these. Of course, it is also important to help the beasts that have been reduced to slaves. We must have the strength to fight our country. Because if we don't have it, this place will be destroyed.
 There are many things that need to be done in order to push this place to become a country. I am willing to help in any way I can. If I don't produce results, I will lose my voice in this place where more and more people are coming. I may eventually be told that I am not worthy to be near the Divine Child. However, I wish to act beside Lernda, the Divine Child, and for Lernda's sake.

 In order to do that, I have to produce results as much as possible and win more trust from the people here. This is not just about me, either.
 In order to make people recognize that Lernda is special, the people around us must also do their best. If they stay with Lerunda without any results, some problems may occur. We need to take this into account and work it out as adults.
 It may be difficult, but I would like to take action so that this plan can somehow take shape.

 ---Record of Ms. 5
 (She will keep a record of how the village will be developed. All for the sake of turning this village into a country.