203 The Girl and the Spirit's News

 Feeling the warm sunshine, I woke up.
 I lifted myself out of bed and stretched out. I opened the window and felt the breeze.

 After washing my face, I started practicing my magic. I used my strengthening spell to do some light exercise. I was getting better at using my body-enhancement spell than before.

 So far, the village is not in danger of being destroyed. However, after listening to the discussion at the meeting, I realized that there is a good chance that someone will find this place and attack us. That's why I have to be stronger.

 As much as possible, I should try not to lose the people I care about.

 After the meeting, Ran, Dong, and Silva were gathering the adults to discuss what to do with the members of the surrounding search. I was a little curious, but I wondered if I could ask them if they would take me with them. Of course I am afraid to go outside the village. But I want to do more for this village.

 I have received so much from everyone. I feel so happy because I am with everyone. That's why I want to give back more for everyone.
 There are probably things that will happen to me because I am a child of God. That's why I want to do more for everyone in this village than anyone else.

"Guruguru (Lerunda, you're early).
"Good morning, Lelanda.
Good morning.
Good morning, Rhaemar, Rion and Yuyin.

 The gryphons Raymer, Rion, and Yuin came to me while I was moving my body with the magic of strengthening. The other gryphons seemed to be taking a look around the village or sleeping.

"Is Landono still sleeping?
"Yes. It seems that Mr. Lan was writing something late at night.

 After the meeting, Mr. Lan is working on something in his mind. I think he is seriously thinking about how to make this village a better place.
 Mr. Lan said that he wanted to turn this place into a country. I only know this place as a village.

 I've only heard about towns and cities where more people live. I wonder what my role will be when it is transformed into a country.

 How will I earn money? What will I do for a living? To be honest, I can't imagine it well.

 For example, if this place were to become a country, would there be more people living here? As the number of people increases, the number of people who have nothing to do with us may also increase. I can't really imagine it in concrete terms. I think that change is scary. But I would also like to see such a scene.
 Yes, I want to see places other than here. Then maybe I can imagine the future of this village better. Just as I was about to tell Mr. Ran that I wanted to see other places too, he came out of his house.

Good morning, Lelanda, Raymer, Leon and Yuyin.
Good morning, Mr. Lan.
Good morning, Mr. Lan." "'Guru' (good morning).

 I decided to say what I thought to Mr. Lan.

"Mr. Lan, are you going out to explore? I want to go too.
"...... Lern Da, it's dangerous out there.
I know. But I want to see the rest of the city. If it's safe, you can take me.
Okay. ....... Then let's discuss it with the others. I don't want you to do anything dangerous, but it's important to see what's out there.

 Mr. Ran said this to me when he saw how determined I was.

 Mr. Ran is very considerate of what I say I want to do.
 I may not be able to go with the first group of people to explore, but it would be nice to be able to look outside anytime.

 While I was thinking like this, Fresne came up to me. Behind her, there are other spirits. They seem to be in a panic. As I was wondering what was going on, Fresne called out.

Lerunda! There's someone approaching.

 After Frené's words, the spirits also mentioned the people approaching. They said they were humans and beasts. They say there are quite a few of them.
 It makes me wonder what their purpose is.
 I began to wonder if they were trying to do something to this village. But the next news that came to me made me panic.

He's exhausted. I don't think they're trying to attack us because they're in shambles. And they're probably not the enemy.

 That's what I hear about some people who are so exhausted they could die at any moment.
 So I decided to call out to the others and go check on them, even though it would be hard if they were trying to do something to us.

 ---The girl and the news of the spirits
 (A girl who is a child of the gods practices magic to strengthen her body in the morning. Then the news of the genie came to her.