204 Girl and people who came 1

 I don't know what kind of people these people are. But I knew I couldn't abandon someone who was exhausted and ready to die. And so far, I don't have a bad feeling about it. I'm trusting my gut.

 I went to them with about ten people, including Ran, Nilsi, Gaius, and Zech. The gryphons Raymer and Rulmer are with me. I came with them, partly because I can use sacred magic.
 The spirits, including Frené, led me to them.

 Their steps were heavy, and the moment I found them, I knew I had to help them. But before I could make a move, Ran-san called out.

"Saddha! Why are you here?

 Before I could jump out of my skin, Ran-san shouted and walked over to one of the people. Before I could be surprised, Nilshi and the rest of the cat beasts rushed out. They were happy to see the cat-beasts again.
 ...... Could these cat beastmen be the people who were captured as slaves? I was surprised. As I froze in amazement, I saw the man Ran called "Saddha" lose consciousness as if he was relieved. When I saw this, I rushed over to him. Gaius was with him.

"Saddha! Are you okay?
"I'll heal you, Mr. Ran.

 I said and grabbed Saddha's collapsed hand. As I got closer, I could see that this man was covered in wounds. His body was thin and his legs were flat from all the walking he had done.

 I gathered my magic power and used sacred magic. I couldn't practice sacred magic very much, and I wasn't much better than before. But I was relieved to see that the magic had indeed drained from her body and that Saddha's complexion had improved a little.

 Perhaps because of what happened when I healed Eshta, Gaius is looking at me as if he's worried about me, but I'm thinking about it carefully. I want to make sure that I don't fall over because of my recklessness.

 Then I let them all into the village. We carried those who could not move.

 In a sense, it was a rash move to let people from outside enter the village so quickly. Still, the people who had come were either Ran's acquaintances or people from Nilshi's village, and we couldn't abandon them. But what was this person in knight's armor who didn't seem to fall into either of those categories? I feel like I've seen them before, but I don't know what they look like.

 They seemed to have walked a long way, and I asked them to rest before listening to their stories. They seemed relieved to be able to take a rest, though they had to be guarded by several people just in case.

"Mr. Lan, who is Mr. Saddha?
"...... He's a friend of mine. He is the heir to the Vene Trading Company, one of the most famous trading houses in the Kingdom of Fairleigh Trov, and he should not be allowed to come into the woods like this.
Oh, yeah. ......
...... Yeah. That's why I'm so surprised. I don't know why Saddha has brought people from Nirsi's village to this place. And those knights with him, they are probably knights from the kingdom of Migga.
"...... What?
I'm not sure if you've noticed. I'm not sure how Saddha and the beasts ended up coming with the knights from the Migga kingdom. ...... There must be some reason.

 The knights who were with him were probably knights from the Kingdom of Migga, Lan said. The kingdom of Migga attacked Nilsi's village and enslaved him. And they killed Athos. They were going to kill Gaius too.
 I see. I felt like I've seen that armor before because it's the same armor as the knight I saw when I was desperate to keep Gaius from getting his hands on it.

 The cause of Nilussi's suffering and Athos's death. And the country that we all had to flee to. I wonder how those people got here in such a state of exhaustion. I thought the Kingdom of Migga was a terrible country. But they brought the cat beasts that were supposed to have been captured here.
 ...... I'm getting confused. I don't know what's right and what's wrong. Are they my enemy or my friend? That's what I'm trying to figure out and it's driving me crazy.

"Does ...... Gaius know about that?
From the looks of things, I'm not sure he's aware of it.
...... Is he okay?

 I was worried about how Gaius would act if he realized that the knights of the Kingdom of Migga were with him. I wondered what Gaius would do if he found out.

That's right. It would be better to keep an eye on Gaius, but also on everyone else. Maybe some of them will act out of hatred and try to kill the others. You can't make a decision until you hear the story. You'd better make sure that doesn't happen before you listen to me.

 Mr. Ran said with a difficult look on his face.

 ---The girl and the people who came 1
 (People who came to the girl who is a godson. The girl learned that among them was a knight from the Kingdom of Migga.