205 A girl and the people who came 2

 I think about the Kingdom of Migga.
 The Kingdom of Fairytlov was said to have protected the godson. Fearing this, the neighboring kingdom of Migga tried to increase the number of slaves. Nilusi's village was attacked, and Nilusi and his friends fled. And Athos was killed.

 --They were going to kill Gaius, too.

 My body trembled a little when I thought of that time. I remember the prince was there too. The fact that a great man was trying to do something about the beasts surprised me. And we ran away and now we're here. I wondered why the knights of the Kingdom of Migga came to us with the beasts after we escaped.

 Thinking about this, I vaguely felt that everything was connected.

 Something might have happened in the Kingdom of Migga that led them to come here. I hope that something is not bad for us. I don't have a bad feeling about this. I don't get the feeling that something bad is coming.
 So I accepted the fact that the knights of the Kingdom of Migga were coming, even though my head was a mess.

 But everyone else is not so sure.

 The premonition that I have is not something that everyone can feel. When they found out that the knights of the Kingdom of Migga were among those who had come, they were angry. They were anxious to see what would happen.
 Gaius was trembling, but he tried not to be distraught. There was a sharpness in his eyes that always smiled gently. Gaius probably felt the hatred.

 I have not developed any feelings of hatred for ....... --When I found out that my blood family didn't recognize me as family, when Athos was killed, when the elves wanted to sacrifice everyone, when we killed the demons, when Roma was killed, when the winged people took action, I felt hatred. I didn't have any hate in my heart when the winged people acted. I was sad, that's all.

 I was sad, and I wanted to do my best so that nothing sad would ever happen again.

 And just as there are many different kinds of people among beasts, there are many different kinds of people among humans. If we don't talk to them, we won't know what they want or why they came here. You can't know what they're up to and why they're here unless you talk to them," Ran said, and I couldn't help but squeeze Gaius's hand.

"Lelunda, ......?
"Gaius, it's okay.

 I'm a better speaker than I was when we first met, but I'm still not very good at long sentences. I smiled reassuringly at Gaius, hoping that he would be okay and calm down. I felt that it was the opposite of the way Gaius had reassured me when we came to the beastman village.

"Let's talk. Those people came from the Kingdom of Migga, but they were with the beasts.
"...... Yes.

 Gaius nodded at my words.

 However, it was Ran and Dong who listened to their exhausted conversation first. They said that they would listen to the people who had come and summarize their stories before informing us. This was probably because they didn't know how the people listening would react to having them speak in front of so many people.

 While Mr. Lan and Mr. Dong were listening, everyone was restless. In the meantime, Mr. Biller and the others arrived, and I was sorry to ask them to leave for the day.

 I just stared at the building where Mr. Lan and Mr. Dong were listening to the conversation. After a while, they came out. We just looked at them. We followed Mr. Lan's lead and headed for the square.

The people who came here, the beasts, were slaves in the Kingdom of Migga. The knights of the Kingdom of Migga who were with them said that they had come with them to the forest where they thought the godson was, by order of the lord they served. As for the merchants who were with him, they were from the Venetian merchant association, including my friend, who decided to come here with the beasts and knights who decided to go to the godson.

 The Kingdom of Migga was a country that was trying to enslave the beasts. And yet, they came here with the beasts that had been reduced to slavery. Godson... to bring them to me.
 It gave me hope that even in the Kingdom of Migga, there were more than a few people who did not approve of enslavement. At the same time, I began to wonder how they knew I was in the forest.

The one who gathered the enslaved beasts and told the knights to take them to Lerunda was Hiccup Migga, the seventh prince of Migga Kingdom.

 Hiccup Migga, the seventh prince of the Kingdom of Migga. Is he the one who helped the beasts, as opposed to the one who tormented them?
 After mentioning the name, Ran's face became tense. Then he said something surprising.

Hiccup Migga is the one who saved the beasts, but he is also the one who brought us to this place.

 I didn't understand those words right away.

 --The girl and the people who came 2
 The girl heard from the lady about the people who had come. Then she learned the name of the Seventh Prince.