206 A girl and the people who came 3

 Hiccuped Migga.
 The seventh prince of the kingdom of Migga. The one who rescued the beastmen, but also the one who caused us to flee to this land.

 The contradictory truths I'm being told are boggling my mind. I had no idea what they were saying.
 I wasn't the only one who was confused like that. Other people who heard Ran's words also opened their mouths and began to make noise.


 When Ran-san shouted this, we all fell silent. Looking around at us with our mouths closed, Mr. Lan continued.

"It seems that ...... Hiccuped Migga did indeed order the beasts to be reduced to slaves by order of the King of Migga Kingdom.

 The King of Migga's order. The prince was obeying it.

But it seems that this was not what Hiccup Migga wanted. But that was not what Hiccup Migga wanted. He had been carrying out those orders since he was a child, not even an adult yet.

 The man who gave the order to enslave the beastmen. He was a prince who gave orders to enslave beastmen, but he never wanted to do it, Lan said.

 When you are a child who has not yet reached adulthood, your father orders you to do something that will reduce you to slavery. If you're in a position where you're being ordered around by someone you can't refuse ......, you might not be able to say no, no matter how much you don't want to.

...... The order that killed Athos was also given by Hiccup Migga, it is said. No, it was actually an order to get information about the village from the captured Athos. Even though he didn't want to kill him, he was indirectly responsible for Athos's death.

 ......The person who is indirectly responsible for Athos' death.
 I'm not sure what to make of that.
 He glances at Gaius. He has a scary look on his face. But Gaius seemed to be holding back, trying to hear the whole story.

He'd seen Lelanda once. He had seen Lelunda once, and he thought that Lelunda might be a godson.
...... Hiccup Migga said he saw a mysterious girl protecting a beastman boy.
...... Is that the one you were talking about?

 I tried to protect Gaius when he was about to be manhandled. At that time, there was indeed a man who was a little older than me and was called the prince. That's what I remembered. The one who reached out and touched me.

"Yes. It seems so. Hiccuped Migga, who had been reluctantly carrying out the orders of the king of Migga, had experienced several events, including an encounter with the godson Lelunda, and had decided to disobey the king's orders. He pretended to have killed and protected beasts even though he was ordered to kill them, collected slaves who had been cast into prostitution even though they were said to be beast-mad, and so on.

 The prince who was trying to threaten Gaius' life at that time . I'm not sure what to make of that. ......, but after that, he was working to save the beasts. I was surprised by that fact.

I'm not sure if I'm really going to be able to find him, but I'm sure he'll be able to help me. He thought it would be better to do so even though he didn't know if he would really be able to meet her. After hearing the will of the beasts, he decided to send her to us with his men.

 It's dangerous to leave the beasts that are pretending to be dead in the Kingdom of Migga, which is why I instructed them to come to me like this.
 I've only encountered them once, and I don't even know if they can really come to me. And yet, the prince wanted it.

...... Hiccup Migga is an enemy in Athos's case. Still, we can say that Hiccup Migga is on our side. Hiccup Migga is indeed the cause of our crisis, but he is also the one who helped the beasts.

 Mr. Lan said, looking over at each of us as if to see our faces.

I know it's hard to sort out your feelings, but I think we should treat the knights of Hiccup Migga who brought the beasts and my friends here properly. Some of you may not even want to see them, but you should face them and then decide what to do with them.

 I think this is a difficult question.
 They may be able to help us now, but that doesn't erase the fact that Nilshi's village was attacked and Athos was killed.

 I'm also filled with indescribable feelings and confusion.
 Someone who was my enemy is now my friend. Someone who has given me a lot of trouble becomes someone who can help me. I had never thought of such a situation.
 All I knew was that the Migga Kingdom was a people who did terrible things to beasts.
 That's why my feelings about Hiccup Migga, the prince, are unlike anything I've ever felt before.

 I'm sure everyone else has mixed feelings about him. I nodded at Ran's words and went back to my normal life, but everyone was talking less than usual.

 --The girl and the people who came.
 The girl has mixed feelings about the Seventh Prince.