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You're the godson. ......

 The human man in front of me was a knight who was under the command of the seventh prince of the Kingdom of Migga. The name of the young brown-haired knight is Sadonid.

 Because he was a knight, he seemed to have recovered more quickly than the others. He came to me as soon as he recovered.
 Nilshi and the other beastmen are here too, just in case. Raymer and Fresne are also with me.

 A knight of the Kingdom of Migga.
 Seeing someone with that title brings up a lot of emotions in my head.
 There is definitely a complex feeling inside me.

"...... I'm Lerunda. Nice to meet you.
"...... Oh. Do you hate Master Hiccup?

 I didn't know what to say when I was suddenly asked that question.

...... Hiccup seemed to be prepared to kill the gods if he met them, if they were with the beasts. But Hiccup was following orders, and so were we. I'm sure we handled it badly. ...... I don't care what happens to us knights. But please don't kill Lord Hiccup. I know this is a terrible thing to ask of you. But please, ...... don't let this head fall off. Please ...... forgive me for Hiccup.

 Mr. Sadnid pleaded with me.

 I'm not sure what to do with my life, but I want you to forgive me for the prince, Hiccup Migga.

 ...... To be honest, I am troubled by such a request.
 I don't have any feelings of hatred. I have mixed feelings, but I'm not thinking about killing or not killing.

 Oh, but you do. Kamiko is much more special than I thought. It is said that if a god child hates you, you will be in trouble. .......

 I glanced at Nilsi and the others.

 Nilusi's face is tense. They looked like this when they first met me. At that time, Nilusi's village had been attacked by the Migga Kingdom, and they had fled. That's why they were wary of me and Ran, who were human.

 He looks even scarier than he did then.
 Mr. Sadnid is on his knees, bowing his head. Mr. Nilsi looks down at Mr. Sadnid and opens his mouth.

...... It doesn't matter to us whether you're being ordered around or not. You're the ones who actually acted and drove us to despair.

 Nilusi says that even if they were ordered to do something, even if it was not of their own will, they still did it. In a cold voice. But he gritted his teeth and continued.

I don't like the Migga Kingdom, and I can't forgive them. Of course I feel bad for them. But it's also true that it was you who saved our precious people. So I'm not thinking of killing you. I can't forgive you, and it may sound naive, but human life is limited. When you die, that's it. You'll live long and suffer for it.

 I hate it and I can't forgive it. But you saved me, Nilsi said. I don't want to kill you, but I want you to live and suffer.

...... I don't think about killing or not killing either. So don't worry.

 Sadnid looked up at Nirsi and me.

"...... I'm really sorry. And thank you.

 Then Sadnid-san said with tears in his eyes.

"...... Sadnid, what kind of prince are you?

 I asked Sadnid, who looked up at me.
 I've only met him once. The one who reached out to me then. I remember it sparkling, but...
 I don't know if I'll ever see her again in the Kingdom of Migga. But I have a feeling we will meet someday. It's just a feeling. I think Sadnid begged us not to kill him because he imagined that we would meet the prince someday.

...... Lord Hiccup is a kind man. Not long ago, he was the kind of prince who could never disobey you. But one day, well, ...... that changed when he got engaged. He used to suffer because of his kindness, even though he did what you ordered.

 Gentleman. That's why I suffered from orders from people I couldn't disobey. --Things you don't want to do, you have to do. Just doing something you don't want to do can be mentally exhausting, so I'm sure the prince had a tough time.

I'm sure it was hard for the prince. ...... But lately, he has become not only kind but also very strong. He has grown up and is trying hard to do what he wants to do without regretting it. We decided to follow Hiccup because he is serious about taking action.

 From these words, we can see that Sadonid-san really adores the prince.

 If the prince hadn't been so cruel to the beasts, I probably would have liked him just because he was kind, strong, and well-liked. As I listened to Sadnid's story about the prince, I thought to myself, "If we had met in different ways, I'm sure we could have become friends.

 --The Girl and the People Who Came 4
 (Kamiko receives a plea from the prince's knight. And he asks about the prince.