214 The Story of a Girl and a Merchant 2

Even before the struggle for the throne, the kingdom of Fairytlov had been plagued by bad harvests and thunderstorms. The situation had been going on for a while after the High Priestess had taken in a child named Alice. It had been going on for a long time even after Ran left. Because of this, the Kingdom of Fairytlov was forced to deal with it. And then the king of Fairytlov died.

 A disaster had happened. And the Kingdom of Fairytlov was busy dealing with it. And then the king died.

 Mr. Saddha says.

First, there were three princes and five princesses in the kingdom. The first prince was appointed as the crown prince, and if the king had not died, the crown prince would have become king in order and there would have been no civil war. However, at the time of the king's death, the third prince accused the godson that the country was protecting of being a fake. And that his father, the king, died because he protected a fake child. He also said that the plagues were happening because he protected a fake child.
"Well, such accusations? Oh, Lelunda, you don't have to look like that. It's not your fault. The country suffered a bad harvest partly because you left the country, but as for the civil war, I think the third prince used that as a reason to drag the crown prince down.

 Mr. Ran said this to reassure me, knowing that I was anxious about whether the civil war was caused by him or not.
 In the event that you're not sure what to do, you'll be able to find out how to do it. You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier and more enjoyable. ...... You have to be aware of the fact that you have decided to live your life as a godson, so you have to be careful not to be used as a reason to cause something like that.

 Even if I didn't have any bad intentions, there would be people who would use my divinity as a reason to do something like that.

Lelunda, don't worry about it. The king's death has nothing to do with the divine child. So, well, the third prince told him that the king, knowing he was a fake, was in league with the temple and created a being called the Divine Child. Was it because he was the third prince that he didn't know about the real divine child, or was it because he didn't care where the real one was, he just wanted the throne? We don't know that for sure. Regardless, the third prince said that it was the wrath of God that caused the disaster and the death of the king. The Dauphin and the Second Prince knew of the king's intentions and tolerated them for their own personal gain. That's why he said he was not qualified to be king and that he would be the king.
"...... So, in the end, the Third Prince just wanted to be king. He didn't care whether the godson was a fake or a real one. But I don't want him to use Lernda as a reason for wanting to be king. ......
...... What happened to my sisters?

 I said what was on my mind.

 I didn't say family. To me, they weren't family, even though they were blood related. But they weren't strangers. They were not important, but they were not insignificant either.

"As for your parents, unfortunately, they are currently unaccounted for. They seem to have fled in the chaos of the civil war. I think they may have become fragile somewhere. Her mother was taken ill.
Is that so?
Yes. Because of that, there were rumors in the temple that Alice might not be the divine child. The third prince was able to make the accusation because there were many in the Great Temple who suspected that Alice was not the divine child.
"And my sister, ......?
As far as Alice is concerned, she is alive and well. She's in the custody of Ninaev, the fifth princess of the kingdom of Fairytlov.
Yes. Yes, the fifth princess. She was forced to flee to the frontier after Ran left to remonstrate with Alice. The collapse of the kingdom of Fairytlov was a problem that the Venetian Chamber of Commerce wanted to deal with, so we contacted Ninaev-sama. It seems that Lord Ninaev knew that Alice was not a divine child. So when the civil war broke out, he decided it was best not to put it all on a little girl.

 I don't know her parents. My sister is still alive.

 I didn't feel sad about my parents. I think I've made my peace with that. I'm a little relieved about my sister. If I want to see her or not, I don't care. But my sister is not my family, but I think I still recognize her as special.

 When I was in the village where I was born and raised, I was not special, but my sister was special to me in every way. That feeling still remains in my heart, not a little.

I even proposed the idea of Ninaev becoming king, but it was rejected.
"...... Saddha, what are you doing?
"Lan, please don't look at me like that. Ninaev-sama was the one who was trying to save the country from being blamed for everything that happened to the fake godson, and he was the one who was trying to save the country from being blamed for everything that happened to the fake godson.
That's true, but ....... So, what is Alice up to now?
"Ninaev supported the Dauphin and returned to the frontier after the civil war was over. He took Alice with him. I heard from the members of the Chamber of Commerce that after the civil war, he realized that he was not special and was trying to change. However, I haven't directly confronted Alice or Ninaef-sama, so I've only heard about them through others.

 The princess saved and protected her sister, Saddha told me.

 --The story of the girl and the merchant 2
 (The girl is relieved to hear that her sister is safe after hearing about the civil war in the country.