213 The Story of a Girl and a Merchant 1

"Sadda wants to talk to you, what do you want?

 It wasn't until a few days after Nilshi and the others had gone out to explore that Ran-san asked me that question. At that time, I was relaxing with Fresne and Yuin.

 Saddha is a merchant who is a friend of Ran's. He was already a wreck when he arrived here. Mr. Saddha should have taken his time to recuperate.

 I wonder what he wants from me.

"What's the story?
...... Probably about the Kingdom of Fairytlov. Saddha is the son of a merchant who is also active in the Kingdom of Fairytlov.
"...... in the Kingdom of Fairytlov?

 The Kingdom of Fairytlöf was my homeland, but it was a country that I felt nothing for now.

Perhaps they'll talk about your family. What will you do? If Lernda doesn't want to talk to me directly, I'll go talk to him. ......

 Mr. Lan knows how I have been treated by my family, and he says that.
 When he said that, I thought about my family.

 Family. My sister and parents who are my blood family. When I met the gryphons and the sifo, I thought, "Oh, that's what family is. And then I never really thought about it. A family with only blood ties.
 When I was in the village I grew up in, it was like I was alive but not alive, just breathing, not thinking. When I was abandoned, I finally stepped out. So, at the risk of sounding cold, I don't really feel anything for my family.

 I have gryphons, Gaius, and Ran who are important to me. So I thought I could accept whatever they told me.

 So I'll answer.

"I'm listening. I'm fine.
"...... Are you?
Yeah. Can Fresne and Ewin come with me?
Yeah. Of course.

 Ran-san nodded, so Fresne and Yuyin went with me.

 I had a talk with Saddha in the square.

 I thought it was because Mr. Ran was wary of Mr. Saddha, even though he was a friend. Even if he was her friend, he had only just arrived in the village. Mr. Lan is very careful and cautious not to let anything happen to this village because of the arrival of a new person. I'm sure she's trying to prevent something like what happened to Roma.
 The newcomers to the village and the people who have lived here for a long time should not hurt each other. Don't let things get out of hand.

You must be the godson. I'm Saddha. I'm the head of the Venetian Chamber of Commerce. It's nice to meet you.

 Saddha, Mr. Ran's friend, was a young man with brown hair. He was about the same age as Mr. Ran. His body was a little thinner than those of the beastmen. It must have been very difficult for him to come to this place.

 There wasn't that much danger before we got here. Maybe that's because I was here. There were a lot of things I could have avoided somehow. But without that, Mr. Saddha and the others came here.
 Mr. Saddha kept looking at Yuyin as if he was worried about him.

Saddha, when did you take over the Vene Merchant Association? You're a fool to come here when you're the head of the business!
I just wanted to see you at .......
"That's why you came here? Well, I'm glad to see my friend Saddha, too. One wrong move and you would have died. Please be aware of that, okay?

 I have no idea how great it is to be the head of the Venetian Chamber of Commerce. I don't know how great it is to be the head of the Venetian Chamber of Commerce, but if Mr. Lan is surprised, then he must be in a position to do so.
 I thought that Mr. Ran and Ms. Saddha were good friends.

I'm Lerunda. Nice to meet you.
Saddha, so what do you want to talk to Lerunda about?

 Saddha replied, when Ran turned to her.

A lot has happened in the Kingdom of Fairytlov since Lan left. A lot has happened in the kingdom of Fairleigh Troff since Lan left, and it concerns you too, Lerunda. So I thought I'd tell you about it.
"I see. ......
Yes. First of all, there was a civil war in the kingdom of Fairytlov. In the process, it was discovered that Alice, who was thought to be the divine child, was no longer the divine child.

 I raised my voice in surprise at the mention of the civil war and my sister's story. I looked at Ran, who also looked surprised.

Civil war in the kingdom of Fairytlov?
Yes. The civil war is over now, but there was a dispute over the succession to the throne in the kingdom of Fairytlov.

 Saddha began to tell us that there was a dispute over the succession to the throne.

 --The Story of the Girl and the Merchant 1
 The merchant said he wanted to talk to the girl. The child decided to listen.