212 A girl and people going out to explore

 Despite the unexpected arrival of knights and slaves from the Kingdom of Migga, the goal of how the village should proceed remained the same.
 About a dozen people from the village decided to head out to explore around the village. This is the minimum number of people because there are people coming from outside and we don't know what will happen inside the village. However, since we didn't know what would happen outside, I decided to ask Wanong to go with them to explore.

"Wanon, can you do it?
"Guru Guru.

 The search could be dangerous. Even Wanon, a gryphon, is likely to be in danger. But I decided to ask him to go with me, hoping that the important people who were going to explore would not die.

 I apologized for leaving the children, Rion and Yuyin, for a while, but Wanon, Rion and Yuyin told me not to worry about it.

 They also told me that some of the spirits that had been resurrected in the village with the revival of the Spirit Tree, but with whom I had not made a contract, would go with me.

 There were about ten of us, including Sinorn the wolf-beast, Nilusi the cat-beast, Ondai and Zailarru the elves, and the people of the tribe.

 Nilusi had joined the search team, saying that he wanted to help his friends who were still in the Kingdom of Migga.
 We don't know if there is a place where people live. But the goal of the quest is to find it and get money. A search where you don't know what will happen. To be honest, I'm a little nervous because I don't want anything to happen to anyone. But this is a necessary step for our village.

"Be safe, everyone. I want you all to come home.
Don't worry so much. We'll back off as soon as we know it's dangerous.
Don't worry so much.

 Both Mr. Shinrons and Mr. Nilshi laughed at my words and told me not to worry.
 If we go out to explore, we won't be back soon. It would take time to explore unknown places. It's kind of sad to think that I might not be able to see Sinorn and the others again until they come back.

 But I can't stop them for the sake of the goal. So I decided to just hope that everyone would be safe. I believe that since I'm a godson, it might have some effect.
 The purpose of the quest is to obtain money, so they are taking clothes made in the village to sell. He doesn't know how much he can sell them for, but since it's his first exploration, he has them with him.

Even if you find a human village, please don't give out any information about this village. If they find out that Lernda, the divine child, is here, it might cause complications. If possible, it's best to keep this village growing without people knowing about it.

 Mr. Lan cautioned those who were out exploring. If you find a village, please try not to let anyone know about it.

If we do find a human village, we don't know if it's a place where beastmen and elves live normally. Please try not to let anyone know about your race.

 Different places have different cultures.

 I don't know how the beastmen and elves who were reduced to slaves in the Kingdom of Migga are treated in the human village where I found them. Mr. Ran also said that he knew about the neighboring countries of the Kingdom of Fairytlov, but not about the other countries.
 Even if a human village is found, it would be difficult for the beastmen and elves to move around if there are only humans living there. Even the tribesmen with tattoos on their faces might be conspicuous.
 Still, there was no one else in the village who could go exploring. Mr. Ran is also busy with the knights and slaves visiting the village, so he can't afford to go exploring.

 We're all going to a place where we don't know what's normal.

And don't take any chances. I'd be sad to see you die. Nothing is more important than life. If you feel it's too dangerous, do whatever it takes to come back.

 Everyone nodded in agreement with Mr. Lan's words that nothing is more precious than life.
 Then, as everyone in the village looked on, Sinorn and the others turned their backs on us and headed off to explore. We kept watching them until we could no longer see their backs.

 Please let them come back safely.
 May we welcome them back alive, safe, and with a smile.
 I kept my eyes on her back and kept praying like that.

 --The girl and the people on a quest.
 From the village of the child girl, there are those who go out to explore. She prayed because she didn't know what was waiting for her.