211 With those with wings and their Gods

 A place higher than the ground.
 It's a place inhabited by people the child girl calls the Winged Ones.

 When they caught sight of the girl, they felt they couldn't leave her alone. Somewhere deep inside, they felt that they couldn't leave her alone.

 --It was a strange feeling for them.

 It was a strange feeling for them, because to them, who could fly freely in the sky, beings who could not fly were beings to be looked down upon. This feeling has not changed even now that they feel they can't leave Kamiko alone and appear beside her from time to time.

 The only reason why they appear in Kamiko's village is because they care about Kamiko. They just care about him for some reason. It is because of this feeling that they stay close to the girl. To put it another way, they don't even care about anyone other than the child.

 They don't care what happens to those who can't fly in the sky. For example, they would not care if their lives were scattered.
 The winged ones and the beastmen and elves. They are also classified as people, but they are different from the winged ones. They don't see them as the same thing.

 --They are not involved in the village or hostile to it because of the child girl. If she hadn't been there, they wouldn't have gotten involved.

That girl is different from the norm in many ways.
"She's human, but she flies. She gets along with the gryphons. Even in that village she seemed to be special.

 They talk to each other.

 Sometimes they show up in the village and the villagers don't trust them. They don't even know that the girl is called Kamiko because she could be an enemy. From their point of view, it doesn't matter what they call the girl. They just go to check on the girl because of the fact that they are concerned about her.

It's still not normal. But I still don't understand why we care so much about the girl.
...... It's hard to put into words. I feel like I just can't leave her alone and it makes me itch, but I really don't know why.
"I don't know, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I wish I knew why it bothers me so much. ......

 I can't leave the girl alone.
 I can't leave the girl alone. I'm trapped in these feelings. But I don't know why it bothers me so much when it's my own emotion.

 The winged ones felt indescribable for not knowing the reason.
 In the village that exists far above the ground, they have been discussing about the existence of the divine girl ever since they met her.

 They are more proud of flying than anything else, but never before have they been so concerned about people who live on the ground. And yet, for some reason, when they see the girl, they feel they cannot leave her alone. Why do I feel that I can't leave her alone? Partly because they want to know the reason, they sometimes appear near the girl.
 But in the end, even if they approach her, they cannot understand why.

 While they were discussing this, there was a person who came to the scene.

 It was one of those who had wings just like theirs.
 He came to the scene in a panic and said, "God says he will meet us.

 God to the winged ones.
 For them, it was a supreme being that had to take precedence over everything else.
 At the word from this being, all of their faces changed.
 The girl who had been mentioned earlier had completely disappeared from their minds.

 For them, the supreme being, God, was more important than the girl who was slightly disturbing them. Once they were gone, they didn't even care what happened to the girl in front of God.
 Immediately they prepared themselves and went to their god.

 Their god moves his huge body. They told the winged ones that they had found something interesting at the bottom of the cliff.

 The gods of the winged ones, who had lived for a long time, knew of a being that would appear from time to time.
 --"These creatures, revered as gods, have power. And intelligent. Because it had lived so long, it knew things that no human could know or understand.
 Because of its knowledge, it knew what an interesting being it was.

"A godson?

 And their god uttered such a murmur from his huge mouth.

 --The Winged Ones and their God.
 "The Winged Ones speak of a strange girl. And their god knows of her existence.