216 country lord and trouble.

"The chaos in the Kingdom of Fairytlov continues! We should be able to get our point across better.
"It's been two years since it was discovered that the godson of the kingdom was a fake. That country is still in turmoil. If we stop providing them with food, we'll have the upper hand.
"No, you don't understand that even in chaos, the kingdom is still a powerful country! I've been telling you that for the past two years!
I agree with you. I agree with you. If they attack us, we won't stand a chance! That's why I'm telling you no!
We have more important things to do than to stabilize the country! We have many problems! We have many problems! What if we look outside and the country collapses?

 My name is Shongarbe Saf Redzed. My name is Shongarve Sahu Resed. I am the Lord of Resed, one of the nations of the Confederacy of Sahu. Although it is a country, it is small in terms of size. Sahu is a coalition of small nations.
 And the policy of Saf is decided by the meeting of the heads of states. These meetings are regularly held once every three months. For the past two years, however, extraordinary meetings have been held frequently.

 This is because the neighboring kingdom of Fairytlov, a great power, is in turmoil. Two years ago, it was discovered that the divine child they were protecting was a fake, and since then there has been civil unrest and instability in the country. Now, to be honest, our allied nations are inferior in terms of land and military power. In the first place, as a confederated nation, the small nations are working together, but they are not united. In my opinion, there is no way to defeat the Kingdom of Fairytlov, no matter how chaotic it is.

 There are some lords who think that ...... can win against the kingdom. Fortunately, more than half of the fourteen lords are opposed to war, so there has been no war for the past two years. I can't help but wish that the Kingdom of Fairytlöf would become stable soon. But unfortunately, the kingdom of Fairytlov is still in turmoil.

 Until the kingdom is stabilized, these voices will not subside. Or rather, there are those in the allied nations who want to take control of the kingdom, and are trying to turn those who oppose the war into their own convenient masters. As a result, the country is in turmoil. I, too, was almost killed, and I felt horrible.
 Incidentally, I just became the head of the country after my father died about a year ago. My father choked to death. My father died choking on his food. ...... Oh, I thought I was going to inherit the throne a long time ago. I mean, you're supposed to be my brother. I don't know why you would want to be the head of a country. Why do they force you to be the eldest son? I don't know.

 To be honest, the people who want to go to war often hold extraordinary meetings, but do they really think they can win? I'd like to know if they really think they can win. In the first place, I think it would be a waste of time to improve the country if you have time for such meetings. Even if we talk about it all the time, we'll just end up not going to war, won't we? 
 So far, the people who want to go to war have killed the head of another country and changed their position to that of the people who want to go to war, but in the end they beat the evidence against the country they killed and changed their position to that of the people who are against war. You know, our people are quite capable, aren't they? They've been gathering a lot of information, and I can only say that they've been very helpful. If it weren't for the underworld and the guards, I wouldn't have enough life in me. I'm so weak, I have a feeling I'll die soon if I'm not protected. Ah, it's really troublesome to be a lord. I just want to go home.

 Just as I was thinking that, someone asked me a question.

"What do you think of Lord Reszed?
"Well... I am opposed to war. The first priority is to stabilize the country. In the first place, there are bandits in your land, aren't there? Shouldn't we deal with them first? It's our duty to give our people a peaceful life.

 Ah, I'm tired. I can't even be bothered to talk like this in the first place. I'm not even a young man in this group of lords. I'm a pain in the ass. Seriously, Dad, why did you die like an idiot?

"That's true, but...
But the kingdom is taking supplies!
That's not stealing. They're just buying them at a fair price. The kingdom does not want to go to war with other countries when the country is not stable. They want to buy as much food and supplies as they can. The problem is that I gave so much to the kingdom to make it look good. In fact, mine was only the bare minimum, but they didn't say anything. I gave as much as my people could live on.

 Well, you know, there are some foolish rulers who are so vain that they gave out food and other things at a level where the people would be destitute. I mean, some of the people who became pro-war were so vain that they ended up with a kingdom of their own. Are you stupid? Why are you trying to give more food and stuff to the outside world when your own place is not doing well? Think about your own place first.

 Sure, the kingdom wants to buy more food in the middle of the chaos. But they're buying it at a fair price, and they don't want it until they can't live without it. That's why my father had them buy everything but what he needed.

But the people who are looking for that godson because the kingdom is unstable are still staying in our land.

 If you're in my way, why don't you just kick me out? Idiot. But I didn't say that.

 A group of priests had come to Safu before the chaos in the kingdom reached us. They had left the kingdom to look for the real godson. And while they were here in Saf, two of them disappeared somewhere. I don't know where they went. After that, the remaining people tried to go back to their country, but when they heard about the chaos in the kingdom, they said they would stay until the chaos was over.

 I think they got a taste of it because of the grand reception we gave them. But he's been here for over two years, why not just kick him out? They say they want to go to war with the kingdom, but they are afraid of displeasing the kingdom by kicking them out when they haven't started the war yet. Scaredy-cat. Then don't say you want a war.

I hope they leave peacefully. I'm sure the kingdom, though in turmoil, is on the way to stability. The civil war is over.
You will be rejected!

 That's good. I'd tell him to go home, but he's still very scared. Even if the kingdom is in turmoil and you can't go home, why don't you go look for the godson? He's not doing that, he's just playing around.
 In the end, those who want to go to war want to fight with the entire coalition of nations. Well, you can't win a war with just one or two of the allied nations. Well, ...... is not going to start a war on its own. It's not like we're going to start a war on our own. I'm not going to start a war on my own.

So we're not going to war.

 That's how it always ends. Seriously, what's the point of this meeting? Please stop wasting our time by calling it a special meeting.

 The meeting is over and I leave the room. I'm going to spend the night and then go back to Resed. Every time I think it's a waste of time to come here overnight.

"Thank you for your time. Mr. Schoengarbe.

 The one who approached me in my room was an old friend who had come along as my escort.

"Oh, I'm tired. They're talking nonsense again.
Well, they're idiots, aren't they?
You're a real a**h*le, you know that?
Not according to Mr. Schoengarve.
Yeah, yeah. You're a real pain in the ass, you know that? Shouldn't I give up the throne to D'ri?
Lord Dilligarn will refuse.
Of course not.

 I lean back on the bed.

 I really don't want to be a lord or anything, I want to give it to my brother D'ri. I'm not sure if I want to give it to my brother who doesn't want it, and he won't let me give it to him in the first place. ....... I think the quickest way to hand over the throne is to get married, have an heir, make the child fit to be the throne, and then hand it over.
 But it's too much trouble to get married. I'm only sixteen years old, so it's too early to get married. I think so, but there's talk of marriage, isn't there?

 Lord of the country is a pain in the ass. I can't wait to quit.
 I can't stop thinking that.

 -Lords and troubles.
 A confederate lord can't stop worrying about being a lord. And I want the kingdom to be stable soon.