217 Talk to your sister and princess.

 Master Ninaev has been troubled lately. His eyes are a bit melancholy, which I think is sad.
 I never cared about anyone else until the domestic rebellion, when I realized that I was not special. I thought I didn't even need to do that, I just needed to enjoy myself. But now, I want Ninaef to smile.

 I think I like Ninaev because he helps me and smiles at me. Master Ninaev's fiancée ...... who was supposed to marry him has gone missing and is no longer with us. I've heard that commoners get married to whoever they want, but I've also heard that royalty like Ninaev get married regardless. To be honest, I don't know anything about love, so I can't say. But even if you don't have such feelings, I think Ninaev cares about you. Maybe that's why he wants to do something for her.

 However, Ninaef-sama is not currently trying to do anything for her missing fiancé.

"Mr. Ninaev.
Oh, Alice, what's wrong?

 When I call out to him, Ninaev smiles kindly at me. Mr. Ninaev is fourteen years old, three years older than me. He's only three years older than me, but he's so much more mature than me that I can't help but wish I could be more like him.
 Mr. Ninaev, who helped me when I was only thinking about myself. He's so kind, I've grown to love him.

Fiancee, are you okay?
"...... Yes. I hope so.

 Ninaev says with a smile. But maybe Ninaev wants to make a move for his fiancée. If it's ......, why doesn't he move? No, you're stuck.

I'm not sure what you're doing, but I'm sure you're doing something for your fiancé. Or go looking for him?
Yes, ...... Alice, taking action is a way of influencing the people around you. It's not just you, it affects a lot of people. This is especially true for royalty such as myself. And Alice, who existed for a time as a child of the gods, can influence others by her actions. I care about Hiccup, but I can't move too much because of what's going on around me. Alice will understand when she is older.

 Ninaev said.

 Ninaev said that her position as a princess would have a great impact on the people around her. That's why she can't move much.
 Ninaef-sama was driven to this land because of her opinion of me. And he saved me when my life was threatened by civil war. I didn't know what would happen to Ninaev, and I didn't know how it would affect the people around me. But now, I'm stuck.
 What's the difference? Why the difference? When I thought about it, I thought it was whether I was here or not.

...... Dear Ninaev, I'm sorry if I'm wrong. Maybe you're stuck thinking about me?
 I thought maybe he was thinking that because I was there and it was affecting me. I thought he might be thinking that way because I was there and it was affecting me. As a princess, Ninaev-sama tries not to show her emotions too much.
"Mr. Ninaev ......, I'm fine.
...... I'd be dead if Ninaef hadn't saved me in the first place. I only thought about myself until the civil war broke out. I've been causing trouble for everyone around me. If it weren't for Ninaev, I would have lost my life then. But Mr. Ninaev saved me. That's why my life is here. I want to repay everyone for the trouble I caused. But I want to give it back to Mr. Ninaev, who saved me more than anyone else on ....... More than anything, I want to hear what Ninaef wants. --So I don't care if I have to go through a lot of trouble because of Ninaev's actions.

 That was the truth.

 My life is so peaceful now because of Ninaev. It's because Ninaev is protecting me. And in the past few years, I've come to understand that the reason my life is here is because of Ninaef-sama.

 The life that Ninaef-sama saved for me.

 There's a good chance that I would have died during that civil war. Even if I hadn't died, if Ninaef hadn't taken me in, I wouldn't have been able to live so peacefully.
 I feel a strong desire to give back to someone for the trouble I caused. But the person I want to give that feeling back to the most is Ninaef-sama.
 Because that feeling is the unmistakable truth.

"So, Mr. Ninaev-- do what you want. I'm sure that other people will say that they don't mind as long as they can influence Ninaev. So, do what you want.

 The people who are friends with Ninaef-sama in this remote area are all people who love Ninaef-sama. That's what Hondetta said. After he was driven to this land because of his opinion of me, Ninaef-sama worked hard to make connections with people. And those connections weren't the shallow ones he made when I was living as a child, but very deep and thick ones.

 I'm sure that the people around Ninaef-sama feel a much deeper feeling than my love for Ninaef-sama and my desire to help him.
 That's because Ninaev is that kind of person.

...... Alice

"Mr. Ninaev, I love Mr. Ninaev. So I want you to do what you want without thinking about me. That feeling is true. ....... I want you to take that into account when you act.
"...... Yes, thank you, Alice.

 Ninaev nodded in agreement with my words.
 I don't know how Mr. Ninaev will act. I don't know how Mr. Ninaev will act, but no matter how he acts, I want to be on his side.

 --Sister, talk to the princess.
 Sister, talk to the princess. - Sister, talk to the princess. And I want to be on her side.