218 Girl and Study 1

I prayed for the safety of all those who had gone to explore.

 I prayed alone at the altar again today. I don't know if it's effective, but I think it's better to pray for their safety than to do nothing.

 The people who went out to explore haven't come back yet. Of course not. They're not supposed to be back in such a short time. Wannon went with me and I'm sure he'll be fine. But it doesn't mean I'm not worried.
 Because Athos died when we left the village. I believe that my power as a divine child will be effective in protecting him. People who want to harm this place I'm trying to protect can't come here. But if I go out, something like what happened to Athos may happen.

 I really hope you're okay.
 I hope you'll come back well.
 That's what I've been praying since Nilsi and the others went out to explore.

 I've prayed for other things too. The beastmen will soon enter a fertile period. The reason why there were no small children under Gaius and his generation is because they had just finished that period. However, if there were more beastmen in the village, they might have children even if they were not in that period.

 This is because beastmen live longer than humans. If you think about it that way, it's really rare for an elf to have a child with Wetani. Elves live longer than beastmen, so it's rare to see an elf baby.

 ...... I can't help but be happy when I think that there will be more little ones in the future. The baby at Wetani's is called Enarei. I wonder if there will be more children under Enarei. Small children are cute. I thought it would be wonderful to have more cute children and more precious friends.

 When I went outside the altar, Gaius, Fito and Raymar were waiting for me.

Lerunda, so where are you going to try this?
"Hmm. At the edge of the village.

 We thought we would see what each of us could do now that we were in the position of being 'knights of the gods'. Life in the village is settling down. Life in the village is calm. That's why I wanted to get a better grasp of the power of the Divine Child and the Divine Knight.

 When I mentioned this, he nodded and I decided to do some research.

 Ran-san said excitedly, "Please let me know if you've learned anything! she said excitedly. I thought that Mr. Ran really likes research. He also said he would observe as much as he could, but he was busy with Saddha's group who came last time, so he didn't participate this time.
 We went to an open area at the edge of the village.

"First, what can Raymer do?
"It's getting bigger. I'm bigger. I'm stronger.
"Yeah. Raymer, you've changed color, you're bigger, and you're stronger than the other gryphons.

 Incidentally, Gaius and Phyto-chan were able to understand Raymer's words, probably due to the fact that he became a Knight of the Divine Child. But only Raymer's words.

"Gaius can turn to silver and become a wolf.
"Yeah. Yes, he can. And he's only recently learned to use a little magic.
Phyto's hair has changed to a light red, but I don't know what he can do.
Yeah. I don't know what she can do now.

 The Knights of the Divine Child have been given some kind of change.
 The color change was given to all of them, and the body change was given to Raymer and Gaius. Raymer's body has grown. Gaius can now change into a wolf. Phyto-- I don't know.

Raymer might be able to do something else. Maybe Gaius can do more than just turn into a wolf.

 After being forced to leave the village of werewolf beastmen, fighting with the elves, and floundering in a new land, I'm slowly increasing what I can do, but I'm sure I haven't given it enough thought.
 Rhaemar is bigger and stronger than ever. But I don't know if that's all.
 Gaius is changing into a wolf and becoming able to use magic. But I don't know if that's all.
 As for Fito, I don't know what he can do now except for his hair color.

"Guru (yes, I know. I need to think more.
I've got to find out what I can do. ......
Yeah. And not just about Raymer and the others, but about me. I'm trying to do more, but there may be more.

 If I don't research what I can do about the Knights of the Divine Child, I'll be in trouble when the time comes.
 I am influencing the world around me. It's easy to grow crops, I can use sacred magic, I have a contract with the gryphons, and I can influence them in the form of the Knights of the Divine Child. --But if there's more, I need to know about it.

 I hope we can find some clue to what Raymer and I can do. With that in mind, we decided to try a few things.

 --With the girl, research 1

 (The Divine Child girl begins to research what the Divine Child and the Divine Child Knight can do.)