219 Girl and Study 2

"Gaius, I'm getting better at magic. I think we should try and see if Raymer and Fito can do it too.

 Since his transformation as a Knight of the Divine Child, Gaius has been able to use magic little by little. He can't run around freely in the sky yet, but he can at least float in the air. I can also float and move in the air. Fresne is a spirit of the wind, and I think I'm good at things related to the wind.
 I think I'm good at things related to the wind. Raymer can fly, but if he could handle magic better, he might be able to do something else.

I'm not sure if I have the magic ...... to do that.

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that. But she said she would give it a try first.

 Raymer and Fito were trying their best to feel the magic.
 Raymer seemed to be able to feel something like magic rather quickly. When I asked him if he could do anything with it, he said that he could make wind appear. I asked him if he could do anything with it, and he said he could make wind appear. He said that if he could use this magic, he might be able to fly much faster than before. It's a great idea, Raymer, to think that you can be even faster than you are now.

...... I don't know what magic is.
I see. Then maybe you don't have any magic power. But I don't know, so I want you to try it for a while.
I wish I had a tool to measure my magic.

 I wonder if I can get one from Mr. Sadda. I'll ask him next time I see him. He said he was the head of a big business association, so I thought I could get it if I could get it.
 I practiced feeling the magic for a while. Meanwhile, Gaius and I were practicing magic. Phyto didn't know what magic was.

"Gaius can take the form of a wolf. I think what you can do depends on what you're good at and what your characteristics are.
Well, I'm good at singing and dancing.
Yes, you are. You were great at the singing competition. I wondered if I could find out what I could do if I polished them.
My singing and dancing? My singing and dancing are important to us, so we practice them all the time. ......

 I wondered if what I could do would depend on what I was good at. I've heard it said that Gaius can turn into a wolf because his beast ancestors were able to change their appearance. Rather than suddenly being able to do something, I think it might have something to do with the background of the person who changed into the Knight of the Divine Son, and how they lived their lives.

 Phyto-chan is a girl who has lived her life as a daughter of a god.
 She is a girl who has lived as the daughter of a god, though she has no power.
 And a song and dance for a true god's child.
 I thought it might have some effect.

Why don't you give it a try?
"Yes, please.

 At Gaius's words, I turned to Fito and said I wanted him to do it. Phyto-chan nodded and danced.

 It was still very beautiful.

 She wasn't wearing the special costume she wore for the singing session, but I could tell that she was beautiful no matter what she was wearing. How beautiful they are.
 The movements are refined and beautiful.
 But nothing happened during the dance. I thought this beautiful song and dance would make something happen. .......

Nothing is going to happen.
Yes. But I think there is something.
"Guru, guru, guru, guru.

 There are many mysterious aspects to the existence of gods and children. Ran said that she had read the records of the "Knights of the Divine Child" who were given the power of the Divine Child, which appeared only occasionally in the world, but it seems that each of them had different powers. That's why there are so many things I don't understand.

 It would be easier if I knew more clearly what I could do. There are so many things I don't know about gods and goddesses that I can't find out what they can do except by groping.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I can do it. ...... Phyto, can you try a little more dancing for now? It might be tiring.
It's okay.

 I decided to ask her to dance again. But this time, instead of watching in silence, Raymer, Gaius and I each practiced to improve what we could do.

 While Phyto is dancing, I'm going to complete one of my wind spells.
 Maybe it was just my imagination, but it seemed a little easier to cast than usual. And it was a little more powerful than I had imagined.

 I wondered if I was mistaken, but I glanced at Fito.

 She is doing a beautiful dance with light steps.
 Next, I tried swinging the dagger that Dong-san had asked me to use. I've been swinging it as a practice to get stronger, and I'm getting used to it little by little. I'm getting used to swinging it, but it still feels lighter than the last time I swung it.

 ...... Is it my imagination?

 I'm not sure what to make of it. In the meantime, I swung the dagger. It still feels heavier than before.

"...... Hey, Fito-chan.

 I may have been mistaken, but I spoke to her before she started her next dance.

"Lelanda, what's wrong?

"Isn't ...... Phyto-chan's dance something that affects the rest of us?

 And I said what I thought.

 --With the girl, research 2
 (The girl thinks and speaks out against the power of the daughter of God)