220 Girl and Study 3

Does it affect you?
Yeah. I think so. Maybe it's just my imagination, but when Fito-chan was dancing, it was a little easier to use magic. So I wondered if your power is something that can affect someone.

 Phyto-chan looked at my words with a strange expression. She looked as if she couldn't believe that she had such power.
 Phyto was called the daughter of God, but in reality she was a girl with no power. She was aware of this fact, and yet she existed as the daughter of God. Such a girl might not believe that she has such power. Just as I couldn't believe that I was a godson.

 There are some powers you can't understand alone. If Phyto's power is something that affects the people around her, as I imagine it to be, then it is a power that I cannot recognize by myself.
 In fact, it seemed to be something that was difficult to understand, as if the people around you thought you were getting stronger and didn't recognize it as Phyto's power.

 I have access to sacred magic and have made contracts with contracted beasts and spirits.
 Raymer has gotten bigger and visibly stronger. Gaius can turn into a wolf, it's an obvious change.
 But if Fito's power is to affect someone else, not himself, then it's a different kind of power than that of Raymer and Gaius.

 But if you think about it, according to Ran's discussion, it's easier to grow food and safer to live in a place with a divine child, so I do have the power to influence someone. Yes, "Knight of the Divine Child" is a power that influences the Divine Child in the first place. If you think about it that way, it would make sense if Phyto-chan had that kind of power.

"Is that so, ......?
Yes. It might be better if you try it consciously. It would be better if I tried it consciously, because Raymer and the others changed when I asked them to. Maybe it would be easier if I asked them.

 Phyto-chan blinked at me, wondering if I really had that kind of power, and I continued. For example, if she really did have such power, I thought it would work better if she did it consciously.

Consciousness, in what way?
"Well, you know, to make it easier to use magic, or to increase your physical abilities. I thought it would be more effective if I did it consciously.
Yeah. Then I'll try ...... to make it easier to use magic.

 Phyto-chan immediately began to dance. Fito-chan, who was dancing seriously, was trying to make it easier for me to use magic. Then let's try to use magic.

 I'll try to manipulate the wind with my magic. It's much easier to float and move in the air. Does it consume less magic than usual? And it's kind of easy to use. It was much more pronounced than it had been earlier.


 When I looked back at Fito-chan, she had stopped dancing and was sitting down.

What's wrong with you?
...... When I did it consciously, I felt something slip away. Is that magic?

 Phyto was getting short of breath.

I'm not sure if you're okay. You need to rest.
"It was easier to move the magic while Phyto was dancing. It's amazing.

 Raymer and Gaius also approached Fito and said, "That's great.

 Maybe Fito's power to affect someone else consumes a lot of magic power. It's also possible that the amount of magic in your own body is low. ...... I think it would be more convenient to have something to measure the amount of magic power.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to overwork you. I'm sorry, I pushed you too hard.
Don't worry about it. I'm glad I have that kind of power. I'm glad I have that kind of power. ...... I've been a god's daughter in name only, but this kind of power makes it easier. And I'm glad I can help Lerunda.

 I've been a goddess in name only until now, but this kind of power makes it easier to do things.

This power will come in handy when you learn to use it well. I'm sure it will. So I'm going to work hard from now on.

 I nodded at her words.

 Then, Phyto-chan was observing because she had no strength. I, Raymer, and Gaius searched for something we could do while Fito was watching.
 We didn't discover anything more that day than that Fito could influence the people around him through his dancing.

 I immediately reported this to Ran after we finished. Mr. Lan was very excited to hear that Fito might have such power. She really likes to know what she doesn't know.

 --With the girl, research 3
 (A girl discovers the power of a god's daughter)