221 Girl, I can talk to you.

 In the midst of my daily routine of praying for those who have gone out to explore, researching what Gaius and his friends are capable of, and talking with Mr. Ran, the Winged Ones spoke to me in a formal manner.

 The Winged Ones are sometimes near me.

 They must have felt something for me, but they didn't act in any particular way. They just stand by my side. I don't know what they are thinking.
 I don't know what they are thinking, though it has been some time since I met them.

 But I have a feeling that it won't be bad for this important place. That is why they are allowed to visit this village from time to time. Because they haven't done anything to harm this village.

 They haven't done anything in particular, but suddenly they made a proposal to me.

"Girl, our god wants to see you.

 The winged ones don't call me by my name like Sireva and the others did when we first met. I guess they don't feel that humans and beastmen are the same. They call me "girl" or "daughter," and only call other people "human" or "beastman.
 I was surprised to hear from the winged ones who had shown up at my village, saying they just couldn't leave me alone.

 --Our god.
 Yes, said Mr. Biller.

 He told me once that looking at me was like looking at a god. He also said that when he sees me, he feels like he can't leave me alone.
 Such a god wants to see me.

I don't know what God is like. It could be dangerous.
"Rrrrrr. It could be dangerous.

 The Griffon couple with me, Kamiha and Lilha, were alarmed by Biller's sudden words.

 I don't know what kind of god she is talking about.
 It may be dangerous, yes.
 But I don't have the same bad feeling about them as I do about the winged ones.
 And if I can get to know them, if I can get close to them, then maybe I can be friends with the winged ones. If there is a chance that we can be friends, I would like to be friends with them.

If there is a chance that we can be friends, I want to be friends. The gryphons are worried about you. Can't you come from God?

 I know it sounds scary. But since the gryphons were worried, I asked them first. I don't know what this god is, but I don't have a bad feeling about it, that's why I said it.

"Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru

 The two animals are shouting as if they are not really sure. Mr. Biller couldn't hear them, so he watched them warily as they whimpered.

...... Don't worry. I don't have a bad feeling about this. So, Mr. Biller, what do you think?
"It's hard for God to come here. I'd like the girl to come. ....... That's what our God wants. All I can say is please come. And there's no danger. I can assure you of that. I'm not going to put a being that God cares about in danger. God doesn't want to hurt the girl either. To God, beings like us are insignificant. There's nothing to be done.

 You can't come here. And there's no danger. says Mr. Biller. I wonder if being insignificant means that the god is a higher being.
 The gryphons are also praised as gods by the beastmen, but the way Mr. Biller said it, it seemed to me that he was referring to a much greater being.

"I want to go to .......
"I want to go to ." "I want to go to Lelanda.

But I'll have to ask around. I want to meet the gods of Mr. Biller and the others. But I can't do it on my own. And I can't go alone. I'd have to go with someone. Is that okay?

 When I said I wanted to go, Lilja and Kamiha raised their voices in unison.
 I'd like to go, but I can't act on my own.

Of course, that's fine. It doesn't matter how many people you bring with you, our God will not be swayed. If we're going to go to the gods, we'll have to stop by our village first. It may be a hard road for humans and beasts. I'd like to see it happen sooner rather than later, but the gods don't mind a little difference. So if you decide to go, let us know.

 That's what Mr. Biller said to me.
 So I decided to go and consult with Ran, Dong and the others.
 I wondered what kind of God the winged ones were.

 --Girl, I'm approached.
 (The girl, a divine child, was approached by the winged ones.)