225 Prince and Rebellion 2

Master Hiccup, what can I do for you?
We have to make sure they don't find out about this place.

 I'm with the slaves now. No, I'm not a slave anymore. The collar of servitude has been removed to make me master, so I am no longer a slave. As royalty, you can make me your master. So I quickly freed myself from my position as a slave.
 The rebels finally recognized me as one of them. ...... Even though the beastmen that I was working with had a say in the matter, I was still royalty in the kingdom of Migga. It is the king of this land who is choosing to reduce them to slaves. I'm the son of the king, and I'm the one who's doing the enslaving.

 Also, I didn't know until I joined up here that there are not only beastmen but also humans in this rebel army. There are not a few people who don't have bad feelings toward beastmen. There are also a few people who did not know how they were enslaved and used them as labor power. ...... Basically, there is a tendency in this country to look down on non-human species, and since this has become the norm, it is necessary to change this way of thinking.

 Since they had freed themselves from slavery, they had the option of escaping. I suggested that, too. But when I said that I wanted to change the mindset of the country itself, they who were suffering as slaves agreed with my words.

 Even if we continue to run away, if the Migga Kingdom were to acquire the power to occupy even more distant regions, we would only be reducing the different races to slaves again in the place we fled. In order to stop that, we have to move.
 However, I have also received the opinion that it is not realistic to suddenly aim for the abolition of slavery. I am only fourteen years old, and I am aware that I do not know what the future holds, and I have reflected on this. It is difficult to eliminate a system that existed originally. So, as a realistic goal, my goal is to gradually eliminate slavery, but I'll accept that it is inevitable that people will fall into slavery due to debt and other problems. And we should make sure that those who are not at fault do not become slaves. And even if they do fall into slavery, we should provide them with a minimum environment.

 It's a good idea to make sure that you're not being forced into slavery. There are many people who are forced into slavery because of debts and other reasons. ...... Some human beings are also forced into slavery, but ...... that is probably a problem with the system of this country.
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 ...... If I can be in a position to do something about it, I would like to look down and act accordingly. --I'd like to be in a position to do something about it.

 It is okay to be troubled. I think so, but depending on our actions, we may end up in an irreversible situation. --I also want to resolve this as peacefully as possible. At least I do.
 However, the people who have been attacked, forced into this position of slavery, and separated from their families do not want such a peaceful solution. This group of people, the rebels, are not united.

 There are many who approve of me, but there are also a few who have a rebellious streak in them.

 Sometimes I wonder what a difficult position I've gotten myself into, but this is the result of my own thinking and actions. I don't regret it.

 Some of us want to be more radical, to kill everyone who gets in our way and take over the country, but we are united in wanting to do this as peacefully as possible. I am relieved to hear that. There are also opinions on how to pass the request without killing as many people as possible, while taking hostages. It would have been better if I myself were a member of the royal family more suitable for the position of hostage, but my father would just cut me off if he took me as a hostage when I was in a position to be cut off as the Seventh Prince.

 In fact, I have a feeling that he's going to say that he'll accept the hostage negotiation and then just destroy me. Your father is not so naive.

 For example, even if he were to negotiate with a hostage in a position of importance to the country, it is not certain that it would work. No matter how important the position, there is always the possibility of cutting it off.

 I don't know if I can call it peaceful, but I think the most effective way would be to take the head of the king alone and make me king, but I don't have the strength to take the head of the king. In the first place, even if I could get rid of my father, I still have my brothers.

 That's why the discussion was stalled.

 In case you really think that it is impossible to change the mindset of the country at present, it is a commonly accepted opinion that you should go outside the country and try to set up a system. If you lose your life and it changes something, you will just be dead.

 Those who are obsessed with hatred may be willing to take such a path, but the rest of us understand that.
 I have talked with the rebel leaders about gradually freeing those who were forced into slavery, and sending those who did not choose to stay and fight back to the gods.

 However, there are many different people among them, so I don't know if this option of sending them to the gods will work in the future.

 But we have no choice but to move.
 That's why I'm here, as a member of the rebel army.

 --The Prince and the Rebellion 2
 The prince is there as a member of the rebel army. No one knows yet what his actions will bring.