226 Record of Ms. 6

"Records of the Shenzi.
Recorded by: Landon Stoffer

 As I spend time with Lernda, the Divine Child, I am slowly gaining a better understanding of the power of the Divine Child. However, each divine child has its own characteristics, and they do not always have the same effect on the people around them.
 This may be better explained as the power of Lern Da rather than the power of the Divine Child. For example, even if a new divine child appears a few hundred years later, it will not have the same abilities as Lelanda.
 Recently, as the village has finally settled down, Lelanda and the Knights of the Divine Child have been studying their abilities.
 What has recently come to light is what happened to Phyto, the girl who was praised as the daughter of God.
 It is said that she has the power to influence those around her while she is dancing a dance dedicated to the true daughter of God. Although she does not have pure combat abilities, her ability to increase the physical abilities of those around her and to increase the effectiveness of magic is useful. She may get tired, but if possible, I would like her to dance when doing construction work. If he could do that, it would be easier for him to build a house.
 The other "Knights of the Divine Child" are Raymer and Gaius. As for them, it seems that they have not discovered any new abilities.

 There are also many things we don't know about the existence of the Knights of the Divine Child. We know that there are a limited number of them in the literature, but we don't know exactly how many people Lernda can make into Knights of the Divine Child.
 However, looking at the blossoming abilities of the Knights of the Divine Child, I conclude that they are not creating something from nothing, but blossoming something that the Knights of the Divine Child originally possessed.
 As for Gaius' ability to change into a wolf, it is said that long ago, beastmen were able to use the forms of both beast and man, so I believe that beastmen originally had the potential to change into beasts.
 It might be better to think of it as the power to draw out talents. Assuming this, it would be easier to consider what the next time there are more Knights of the Gods would be able to do.

 Another big change in the village is that Saddha has come here with her slaves in tow. The fact that this was at the direction of the prince of Migga's kingdom was surprising.
 People change. For us, the prince Hiccup Migga is the cause of Athos's death, and he is also the person we should hate. But he is helping the beastmen like this. I realized that the relationship between people can bring about such changes.
 Someday, when this village turns into a country, perhaps we will have to face the Hiccuped Migga. We never know how things will turn out when we face them. As an adult in this village, I have to look at my surroundings and choose the best course of action.

 The existence of the child has a lot of influence on the people around him. He has the ability and influence to do so much. There has been no crop failure in this village. Perhaps it is because Lerunda lives in this village, but we are rarely attacked by demons. In a village in the middle of a forest like this, it would not be surprising if demons came into the village.
 Of course, some people get injured when hunting, but they never come from the other side. With Lerunda, there is no lack of food to be found, and to put it another way, this village exists because of Lerunda, the godson.

 It's not clear how much he is aware of this, but it's abnormal for him to be able to live in such a forest without a care in the world. It's okay for now, but I have to keep thinking so that I can deal with it when this place becomes known to the outside world.

 Now, Lelunda is on her way to the God of the Winged Ones. I don't know what this god is. Lerunda says he doesn't feel any bad feelings, but he doesn't know what will actually happen.
 If the child's intuition is right, it won't be too bad, but the worst case scenario is that Lerunda will be alive.

 All I can do is pray that Lerunda will not face the God of the Winged Ones in a bad way.
 The only thing I can do is to protect the village and maintain it until Lerunda and the others come back.
 I can't make any direct contact with those who are out exploring. I don't know when Lerunda and the others who are out exploring will return, but until then, I will protect the village.

 I'm also discussing with Mr. Dong that it would be better to give this place a name. Lerunda might be embarrassed, but I would like to give it a name that includes Lerunda's name.
 A village that bears the name of a child of the gods gives me a sense of hope that it will be blessed by the gods.

 --Records of the Master 6
 (She continues to keep a record of things related to the Knights of the Divine Child and the village.