227 Girl and Village 1

Wow. ......

 When I arrived at the village of Villers, I was in awe. A village that exists deep in the mountains. I had never thought that such a thing existed until the Villers came into contact with me.

 There are so many things in this world that I have never imagined. Realizing this makes me feel strange and at the same time makes me realize that this world is interesting.
 It's not a world that's all fun and games for me, but because I'm here, I have more hope for the future than anxiety about it.

 When I stepped into Biller's village, I didn't have any bad premonitions, and even though I was slightly worried, I was certainly calm. In fact, Gaius and the others who came with me seemed more nervous than I was.

 There were even people with wings I hadn't seen before. Not so many children. The winged ones also seem to live longer than humans, so I guess they are less likely to have children than humans.

 It is said that the gods for the villagers can be found a little farther away from here, towards the top of the mountain. I also heard that the road to the top is quite steep.

 So we decided to rest at the village of Villers. There was no house that could accommodate all seven of us and the gryphons, so we had to split up. I went with the griffons and Gaius to Mr. Biller's house. Mr. Biller's house seemed to be one of the most important houses in the village. It was bigger than the other houses.

 It was the first time for me to climb to such a high place. I still feel a bit suffocated. The gryphons said they were outside, so it was just me, Gaius, and Fresne inside Mr. Biller's house. Lilja and Kamiha seemed to be uncomfortable with the idea of making a mess in the house.

...... You're tired.
Yeah. I've never been to the top of a mountain before. Is it different from the ground?

 I sit down next to Gaius, who looks tired.
 Fresne flies next to me, muttering, "Maybe the flow of magic is more beautiful here.

"It's more beautiful here?
"Yes. It's very beautiful. There must be a being around here who is cleaning up the flow of magic.
Maybe it's God?
I don't know. I don't know. But even if he's not the god of these people, he's still a great being in these mountains.

 By the way, Biller and the others are not here now, so I am having a conversation with Fresne without worrying about them.
 Just for the record, Fresne is not in sight, so Gaius can't hear Fresne's voice.

"You're talking to Frené?
"Yes. He said that this village has a very beautiful flow of magic.
"...... magic flow?
Yeah. The spirits can feel it easily. I wonder what God is like for Billers.

 I've been thinking about this ever since Billers brought up the subject of God.
 A being called God in one group. I think they must be very powerful.

...... If something had gone wrong, Lelanda might have been called a god somewhere.
Yeah. If Lerunda didn't know the word "godson" and we didn't know what a godson was, then maybe Lerunda would have been called a god.
"I see. But then again, even Gaius can change ........ He said that only beastmen from the past can change. Then if something had been different, he might have been called a god.

 If you think about it, the beings that people call gods are the subjective ideas of the people who worship them. I thought that everyone has the possibility to be called God.

 Thinking about it, Phyto-chan was called God's daughter because of her behavior even though she herself was an ordinary girl. Everyone has the possibility of being called a god, and it is the people around them who decide who is a god.
 Aside from the gods that have been handed down from generation to generation, there are probably many other beings that people regard as gods. Even the plant demon that tormented the spirit tree in the elven village could have been praised as a god under different circumstances.

 When you think about it, everything can be called a god. It's getting harder and harder to imagine the gods of the Villers.

 I believe that the sky is flying, but if you include all the flying things in the scope, there are quite a few, including beings I don't know. I guess I'll have to meet them to understand.

 While I was taking my time, Mr. Biller arrived.
 They were preparing supper for us. It's not that they welcomed us with open arms, but we are here because their gods wanted us to be. That's why they made a feast to welcome us.

 --The girl and the village 1
 (The girl took a breather in the village on the mountain.