228 Girl and Village 2

Delicious. ......

 The food in the village on the mountain does not include any fish. The villagers must live by hunting wild plants and demons that exist in the mountains.
 The food tasted different from the food they eat in the village, so perhaps there is a special flavor that comes from living in the mountains.

 Rilha, Kamiha and the others were also enjoying their meals. Kamiha and Rilha are eating together, and it's kind of heartwarming to see how close a couple they are.
 The gryphons are good friends, and it makes me happy just to see them, and I'm glad that I'm recognized as one of their family members.
 Gaius, too, was hungry and gobbled up his food.

"You should eat a lot and get some rest.
"Yes. We have to go up a mountain, so it will be harder than before.

 On top of a much steeper mountain. That's where the gods are for the Villagers.
 I looked up toward the summit. It's night. It's pitch black and I can't really see what's up there.

 The stars are twinkling in the sky above me, and I realize that I am closer to the sky than I would be if I were looking up at the sky from the foot of the mountain, where the village is located. The thought of being so close to the sky gave me a strange but reassuring feeling.

Lerunda, Gaius, are you eating well?
"Mr. Orcasio!
 The one who came up to us while we were eating was Mr. Oshacio. Incidentally, the billers did not talk to us more than necessary.
 I think they are really unfailing people.
"Yes, you eat well.
"It's delicious, Mr. Ocasio.
That's good. If you don't eat well, you'll have a hard time later.
Yeah. Hey, what do you think God is like, Orcasio? I think he is a being that can fly.

 I think God is a being that can fly.

Yes, I think so, too. But I don't know what kind of person he is. I'd have to see him in person to know, but I feel a little scared to meet him.
Are you scared?
Well, yeah. A being called "God" must be scary to everyone except those who worship it. Even the gryphons would be scary to the rest of us. I don't think they're going to harm you, but ...... you still have to worry about them.
I see.
Yeah. Well, it's not as if you can't sleep at night because you're tired. ...... The question is, what kind of god is he?

 What kind of god?
 You can't know for sure until you meet him, but the thought of what kind of being he is fills your thoughts.

Yeah. I hope I can become good friends with the gods.

 I can't help but think that it would be nice to be friends with Biller and his gods, just as I was friends with the gryphons.
 I think it's good to get along with them, and if I can get along with their gods, I'll be able to get along with them even better. I want to do my best and try to get along with them.
 I'm still a little anxious, but I'm more excited and positive.

"Do you want to get along with ...... God?
Mr. Villar.

 I hadn't noticed, but Mr. Biller was nearby.

 I don't know where he heard the conversation between Gaius and Orcasio, but I wonder what he and the others would think of Biller's words about wanting to be friends with God.

The girl is a wonder, after all.
Yeah. Normally, or rather, I would feel rude if someone else said the same thing. But strangely enough, I don't feel that way.

 This is what Mr. Biller said to me.

 I guess they are wondering why I feel that way. He looked at me with a curious expression on his face.

Well, I guess we'll find out when God and the girl meet.

 To Mr. Villar, it seems that the god would understand the questions about me.
 The power of the gods and children is strange and mysterious, and even gods and children have different powers, so I'm having trouble understanding exactly what I can do. But Mr. Biller is convinced that this god can understand my questions.

 I wonder if he's that powerful, but I guess I'll have to meet him to find out. But if Mr. Biller and his gods could understand me, I wanted them to tell me.
 Mr. Biller went away again, so I didn't have any further conversation with him.

 When the meal was over, I went to the house where I was allowed to stay and fell asleep.

 --The girl and the village 2
 (The girl, who was a goddess, ate and slept in the village on the mountain.