229 God of girls and wings 1

 The next day after resting at Bilar's village, we followed him up the mountain.

 The slope was steeper than the road to the village, and the climb seemed more difficult. Looking back, I realized that I had climbed to a very high place.
 Mr. Biller had told me before we left the village that the area around their god was free of dangerous demons. Because of this, only Mr. Biller will go to the gods. This is a sign of their trust in God. This is because they know and trust that if God exists, there is no danger.

 He is the one who influences the environment and regulates the magic. He is a god to the villagers.
 They don't like to be overwhelmed. Mr. Villar really wanted me to go to God alone. Well, the Aussies were worried about me, so I said I would go with them.

"GuruGuru...... (Overbearing Magic ......)
GuruGuruGuru (There's some kind of overpowering magic ......)

 As they approached the summit, Lilja and Kamiha were a little scared, as if they sensed something.

 Biller said that demons don't come out around here, so there must be something that demons can intuitively sense. And perhaps it is the God that Mr. Biller and his friends are talking about.

 Freneh is saying, "The flow of magic is really beautiful. Freneh was not without trepidation, but she seemed to be more excited by the beautiful flow of magic. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 I can't see the flow of magic as well as the spirits, and I can't sense anything as sensitively and instinctively as the gryphons and demons.

 What scares the griffons and makes the spirits suspicious - that's where I'm going.
 If it is something that the griffons are afraid of, then perhaps the gods of Mr. Villers are something that we would not be able to compete with. Such a thought occurred to me, but strangely, I was not afraid.

 Mr. Villar was silent the whole time, as if he was nervous about going to God. I guess he doesn't get to see God very often.
 Gaius and the others didn't talk much either, as if they were afraid of what the god might be.
 I was the only one who felt excited. Well, Fresne is more excited, so I guess she's not the same as everyone else who's feeling nervous or scared.

 These excited feelings, these feelings that somehow I feel okay. I'm sure it's because I'm a child of God.

 --I remembered what Roma said to me once.
 I don't understand, she said.
 There are times when I don't let my anxiety out because I know deep down that I'm going to be okay. Because I have a feeling that I will be okay.

 But I'm the only one who feels sure and secure, and for everyone else, my sense of security doesn't exist. There's just a lot of tension and anxiety and fear.
 I realize this as I grow older and learn more.
 I'm more excited, but the people around me are not, and I have to take that into account.

"I'm sorry, guys, for asking you to come with me to a potentially scary place like this.
"No, you don't have to say that. No, you don't have to say that. We're just following you because we want to.
"I'm scared, but I'm okay.
GuruGuruGuruGuru, no need to apologize.
Thank you.

 We had this conversation as we walked along.
 I was filled with the feeling that everyone was kind and that I loved them all.
 I realized that I loved not only Gaius and the others who were following me here, but also everyone in the village who was spending time with me.

 After climbing for a while, Mr. Biller stopped.

"...... Up here is our God. Please don't be rude to him.

 These were the words of Mr. Biller when he finally reached the top of the mountain.
 Somehow, I managed to climb up the steep slope to the top of the mountain. That's when I saw it.
 At the top of the mountain, there was a giant creature. A giant creature. I had no idea such a being lived on a mountaintop. A being I couldn't even tell was there from the ground.

"Excuse me for taking the day off. I've brought a girl with me.

 When Mr. Villar called out, the thing that had been lying curled up moved its head.

 --The being has a body covered with black scales.
 --The being has sharp fangs.
 --It has huge wings.

"Oh, so it's a godson.

 The being opened its huge mouth and looked at me.
 It was a demon called a dragon.

 --A girl and her winged god.
 A girl meets the God of the Winged Ones.