231 God of girls and wings 3

What is your name, Mr. Dragon?

 When it was just me, Mr. Dragon, and Fresne, I suddenly remembered that I hadn't asked his name, so I asked.
 I stood in front of him, Fresne right beside me.

"My name? My name is Douroian. It's a name I was called a long time ago. No one's called me that in a long time.

 They say the dragon's name is Doroian.

"Mr. Doroan. Can you tell me the story of the Godson?
Very well. What is your name, child?
I am Lern Da.
I am Fresne!
Lelunda and Fresne. Come closer. Sit down so we can talk.

 Fresne and I nodded at Mr. Douroian's words and approached him. Do you mind if we sit down close enough to touch your body?
 I've never touched dragon scales before, and to be honest, I'm very curious to do so. I don't feel afraid of Mr. Doroean, so I'm itching to touch him.

"...... Hey, Mr. Drouin, can I sit close to you and touch your scales?
"...... Do you want to touch me?
Yeah. I want to pet you.

 At my words, Mr. Douroian became a little silent. I was worried that I had offended him, but the next thing I heard was laughter.

Ha-ha-ha, that's the godson we're talking about. Or is Lelunda being dull? Not many children would look at me and say with a straight face that they wanted to pet me. Don't worry about it, just come closer. I don't mind if you pet me, but don't let me see you. I can be a little ...... patient, but you're going to get violent.

 That's what Mr. D'Aulën told me. So I'm going to take your word for it and come closer. In the meantime, he told me where the reverse scales were that I should not touch, so I decided not to touch them.

 You approach the area at the foot and sit down on it.
 Fresne said, "Rerunda. That's a good point. I can't get that close," she said, and moved a little further away.

 Mr. D'Aulën's arms and legs are thick. They are covered with scales and have sharp claws. Even from the outside, you can tell that he is very powerful. He extends his hand. The scales feel nice and cool. I don't know, it feels different from when I touch fluffy gryphons.
 I can't help but stroke them with all my heart, thinking how good they feel.

...... How long are you going to stroke me? I thought we were supposed to be talking.
"Oh, I'm sorry. It felt so good, I couldn't help but ....... I want you to talk to me.

 I was stroking her too much, so I hurriedly stopped stroking her.

So, what do you want to know?
About the godson. I don't know much. I'm aware that I'm a godson, but I don't know what I can do or anything like that, so I want you to tell me a lot about it. So I'd like to start by asking you about the gods you've met.
"The gods I've met. The most recent one I've met in person was about two hundred years ago. It was not a man, but a demon.
"...... demons are also gods?
Yes. The term "divine child" does not refer only to people. It refers to all living things. A being that God cares about is a child. But it's not just people that he cares about. The demon was a weak squirrel who died in the forest after fulfilling his life span. He lived a little longer than usual because he was a divine child. The child died unbeknownst to others.
I see. ....... What do you mean by living longer than normal?
The child lives only a little longer than its kind. Some say they rarely get sick, but I suppose it's only natural since the gods care about them.

 So I guess I'll live a little longer, too. It didn't feel right to me, as I had only lived eleven years, but I was glad to think that I would be able to live a little longer with everyone.

I've also met a human godson, though I don't remember how many centuries ago. He came to defeat me and ended up becoming a friend.
There are all kinds of gods, aren't there?

Yes. And depending on the deity, what kind of creatures are more likely to like them. In the case of Lerunda, the sky god has a strong influence on the flying creatures. In the case of Lerunda, the influence of the sky god is so strong that it affects flying things, but only those things that are strongly influenced by the god. Therefore, the effect on other things is small. That's why not everyone likes them, even the gods. In some cases, the divine children are persecuted. Lerunda may remember this. Isn't that what living in the woods like this is all about?

 I listened to Mr. D'Aulën as he sat, clinging tightly to his body. You can learn a lot of things you didn't know before by listening to a being who knows the child.


 In the village where I was born and raised, I lived without knowing friends or love. I suppose that's because I didn't have that kind of influence.

I'm not sure what to make of this. At first I thought it meant that God could freely help Lerunda, but it doesn't seem to be the case, so what does it actually mean?

 Frenette, who was listening to the conversation, asked Douroian-san with a nervous look on her face.

It's not like that. The gods do not directly affect this land. The power of a god is too powerful. It's only a poison to the land. The gods give a kind of blessing to the children, but not directly. In other words, what is given to the child is almost automatic. God himself does not influence the actions of the child one by one. In Lernda's case, the sky god gave him a kind of blessing from the start, automatically making him a little more likeable to flying things.

 Mr. D'Aulën replied to Frené's words.

 --The Girl and the God of the Winged Ones 3
 (That's how a girl who is a god child learns about the existence of god children.