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Oh, yeah. ......
Yeah. There are many people who mistakenly believe that if they hear the word "God's son," everyone will love them and they will spend their lives happily. There are also many who think that because they are loved by God, they deserve it. However, if the child of a god does not need to do anything to get along, the result will be nothing but a stupid creature. A life in which everything is determined by the will of the gods and not by the will of the person himself can only lead to misfortune. In human terms, it will only produce adults who cannot be selfish adults.

 Adults who cannot be selfish adults.
 A life in which everything is determined by God's will and not by one's own will. That's what most people think of as a god child. A God-child who is protected by God, loved by all things, and just lives happily ever after. That's what most people think of when they think of a child.

 However, such a god child will become an adult who takes it for granted that his will will be obeyed, as Mr. Douroian said.

 Because everything is going so well, they don't understand the feelings of those around them.
 As a child of God, I sometimes don't understand the feelings of those around me. I act of my own free will, and even though God doesn't take care of me all the time, he just cares about me.

 Then, if there really are gods and goddesses as everyone thinks, they will be self-centered. I shudder to think of it. Would everything be decided without regard to one's own will?

 Also, the term "adult who cannot grow up" reminded me of my sister. I hardly ever talked to her, and my parents never let me get close to her.
 The sister who was taken in as a godchild and was selfish. I thought about Douroian's words that her sister must have been that way because people around her considered her so special.

Also, I'm wondering about ......, where I was, when I was there, there was no crop failure. But then it would go bad. So did the country. Do you know what that means?
"I think it's like an automatic blessing. That's just what I've learned from the gods I've met and the gods I've heard about.
 It is said that the land where a god child is born will not have bad harvests or natural disasters, but that is not true. It's not that they don't happen, it's just that they lower the probability of something that had a high probability of happening. In fact, disasters have occurred whether or not there was a godson.
"Reduce the probability?
Yes, I think so. That's what I think. A place that used to be plagued by disasters every year stops being plagued by disasters, and crops grow easily. I think a godson is just lucky, so to speak. Lerunda has had his share of luck, hasn't he?
"Yes. If you're looking for food and you find it, or if everything you eat is not poisoned, or if you find Sipho right after you've been abandoned,......, you're probably dead.

 It's dangerous to be in the woods. There are demons in the forest and many of them are poisonous. Still, I didn't see any demons and I only found things I could eat.

That probably means that the probability of finding something edible is high and the probability of encountering a demon is low. Of course, this is not absolute, and depending on the child, the child may also eat poisonous plants or encounter demons. But the probability of safety is higher than that of normal. So, as I said before, a place with a godson is like a place with good luck.

 The place where the gods are, Douroian said, is a place of luck. The probability of crops growing well, the probability of demons not attacking, the probability of natural disasters not occurring. But it's not a panacea. When things happen, they happen.

"We don't know what will happen to the godson if the place he belongs to goes into trouble. So we can say that such blessings spread slowly in the range where the child belongs. I've heard that in the old days, the countries to which the gods belonged prospered while the gods were around. Of course, not all problems could be avoided. And if the child loved the place, the remnants of the blessing would continue slowly after the child's death. Gradually, the probability that had increased because of the child's presence would return to its original probability. However, a place that the child did not love would suddenly lose the child's slowly spreading blessing. Lerunda didn't love the place, did he?
"...... Yes.

 The village where he was born and raised. The village he grew up in. The country he belonged to. To be honest, I don't feel that much for it. I was just living my life as my parents ordered me to, without any will of my own. No hatred, no love, no love for the village.

If so, the place has just suddenly returned to its original form. The child is loved by the gods, but the gods do not give blessings that make all living things happy. Of course, there are times when the influence of a child can be disastrous. They can be good for some people, but bad for others. If the influence of the deity is suddenly lost and the land returns to its original form, there will be no problem if you can deal with it ......, but if you are too accustomed to the situation while the deity was there, you may experience a rapid decline. There are some people who will stop taking measures against disasters because no problems occurred during the time of the gods. However, there are those who do not make any effort to grow crops because crops often grow in the land where the gods are present even if they cut back a little. In that case, it would be a big blow if the godson didn't love the land.

 The remnants of the gods' blessings will continue to remain in the land that they loved. The blessings will slowly fade away. In the meantime, a response will be made.
 The land that the child does not love will rapidly return to its original form without the child. That's why those who cut corners while the gods were around will be hit hard.

 ...... I thought that the gods are not normal and special, but they are not just happy and very nice.

 Ran told me that the village where he grew up suffered from insect damage and poor harvests. This may mean that the villagers did not take any measures to prevent insects from growing in the village. Because, as I recall, the villagers were so busy paying tribute to my sister and being good to her that they didn't put much effort into anything else. They were growing crops, but I never heard of any discussion about crop failure. Does this mean that they did not think about what would happen if there was a crop failure because they had a string of good harvests?

 ......, or rather, gods and goddesses, may be the ones who ruin the people around them in a way. That's what I'm thinking, and it makes me feel indescribable.

Do gods ruin the people around them?
"It depends on the surroundings. In the first place, an existence that does not take action when there is a bad harvest because there has been a good harvest is sure to take the same action when there is a good harvest, whether there is a godson or not. In the end, if the people around the gods lose their diligence, it is their own problem, not the gods' fault. The influence of the gods will be there, but in the end, those people will be the same whether the gods are there or not. Well, if Lelanda cares about those who are with her now, she should not overestimate the power of the gods. She should also prepare for what happens after she's gone. If Lerunda loves the place, it will gradually return to its original state, but that doesn't mean that disaster won't happen in the future. Just because it's less likely to be attacked by demons, doesn't mean it won't happen.

 Mr. D'Aulën continued, addressing me.

 --The Girl and the God of the Winged Ones 4
 (The girl, a child of the gods, hears something that has been a mystery to her from the God of the Winged Ones.