233 God of girls and winged ones 5

 I nodded at Mr. Douroian's words.

 I must take Mr. D'Aulëan's words to heart.
 If I care about the people around me, I must not overestimate the power of my divine child. I realized once again that a divine child is not a panacea.

 And I have to think not only about the present, but also about what will happen after I am gone. The Divine Child is not a panacea, and even if there is a Divine Child, misfortune may come.

 I'm only looking at the present and wishing for everyone to be happy. But I hadn't thought about what would happen after I died. But it's better to act with that in mind.
 For the sake of your loved ones. ...... I can't imagine that yet, but...

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
"Yes, it is. I'm doing it. A long time ago, there was a great disturbance of magic in this mountain. For a time, it was so desolate that no living thing could live here. I used to live in the area, so I became curious and started looking into the magic.
...... I see.
"Master Dragon, I never knew you could clean up a magical mess like this.
It's easy to clean up when the flow of magic is so good here.

 Cleaning up the flow of magic: ....... I'm not sure if I can do that for everyone. I wonder if it would be good for everyone if I could do that too..." I think to myself as I stick to the dragon.

"Mr. Douroian, it's getting dark and I can't listen to much of what you have to say today. Can I come back again?

 While listening to Mr. Doroian's many stories, a lot of time had passed. I'm waiting for Gaius and the others, so I have to go back soon. But I wanted to hear more about it, if possible, when I had more questions.

Well... You're welcome to come. ...... Oh, yeah. Hold on.

 Mr. D'Aulën said, telling Fresne and me to keep a little distance. I followed suit and kept my distance. The scales felt good, but I wondered if ...... I could get them to stick together again.

 As I was thinking this, Mr. Douroian suddenly spit something out of his mouth. An egg? Do dragons spit out eggs? Or rather, what is this egg? You blink your eyes in surprise.

"An egg? What's this?

 Fresne was more surprised than I was. It flew around me, and then hid behind me.

"Mr. Douroian, is this ......?
"Yes, it's where my alter ego is born.
"An alter ego? Isn't that like a child?
It's not a child. When you're my age, it's a way to create another kind of being that has the same knowledge as me. Well, it's not exactly the same, just that it has the same knowledge as me when I was born. ......
"Wow, ......, you can create something like that. You're amazing, Mr. D'Aulën.

 Every time I learn something new, I think that this world is really full of wonders. My world is still small and full of things I don't know, even though I think it's getting bigger. Whenever I realize the vastness of the world, I feel both surprise and joy.
 From this black speckled egg, about 30 centimeters in diameter, Douroian's alter ego, a being with the same knowledge, will be born.

I will leave this body to Lerunda. If you have any questions, you may ask them.
Really ......? Thank you. But I'd like to see you too, Mr. Douroian. Can I come here sometimes?
No problem.
I'll come see you sometimes. Thank you for the eggs. What do I do with the egg?
Just put some magic in it. It'll be born in a little while.
What's your name? Do you want the same name as Mr. Drouin's alter ego?
That's up to you.
Can I sign a contract with a newborn?
Yeah. Don't worry about that either. You have my memories, and most importantly, if you really don't like it, you can force this alter to cancel the contract.

 ...... I'm a little surprised that you can force me to cancel my contract. I'm a little surprised.

 I wonder if it should be named after Mr. D'Aulën. Hmm, I'll have to think about it for a while.
 Anyway, if I can stay with Mr. D'Aulëan's body, will he let me touch his scales? I'd like to compare how they feel with Douroian's smooth scales. It might be nice to touch them side by side.

All right. Thank you, Mr. D'Aulën. I'm glad to know so much about you. I'd be happy to come back and talk with you.
I'd be happy to talk with you. You should come back. I had a great time talking to Lelanda at .......
Hmm, really? I'm glad. I'll be back.

 I was so happy to be friends with Mr. Drouin that I couldn't help but smile.
 I held the egg in my arms so that it wouldn't fall, and with Mr. Drouin watching over me, I headed back to the others with Frenet.

 --The Girl and the God of Winged Ones 5
 The girl received the egg from the God of the Winged Ones.