234 Father's Last

 Why do I have to go through this?

 --Now I'm falling into slavery.
 As the father of a child, I was supposed to go to the Great Temple and live happily ever after. If only Lerunda hadn't resented us so much,.......
 When I think about it, I feel annoyed with that creepy kid.

 If only she'd been grateful to us for raising her, she wouldn't have died.

 During the civil war in the kingdom of Fairytlov, my wife and I managed to escape. We did not know what would have happened if we had stayed there. However, although we managed to escape, my wife, who had fallen ill, died.

 With nowhere else to go, I found myself in the territory of the Kingdom of Migga, where I was reduced to a slave.
 Why am I in this situation?

 Rumors of Alice began to circulate. It seems that Alice is living happily under the protection of the gods, even though she is a deceiver.
 How unreasonable. Why should I have to go through this? How well does Alice think I've treated her?
 If I wasn't a slave, I'd go to Alice, but now that I'm collared, I can't.
 Well, Alice is Alice. I raised her, but she won't come to my aid when I'm a slave. .......

 I'm a slave, and I'm doing as my master commands.
 Why should I, the father of a god child, be doing menial work as a slave like this? Because you've forgotten the debt of gratitude that you raised her. Because Alice raised me and never came to save me.

 What a filthy child I am.

Hey, there, what are you muttering about?
Get a job!

 The mansion I work in has many slaves. It also possesses different races of beasts.
 I'm treated the same way as those different races. ...... I don't like that either. Why should I be treated the same as the beastly ones?

 --Oh, I'm so angry.
 I was so relieved when my wife and I were able to escape the civil war in the kingdom of Faerytlov.
 I can't believe that I've been reduced to such a lowly position at .......

 One day, when I get out of this position, I'll find Alice and that thing. I'll find Alice and that thing, and I'll make them pay for what they've done to me.

 While I was thinking like this, the slaves rebelled and I managed to escape.
 The collar of the slaves was still attached to my neck, but I decided to go to Alice, whose whereabouts I knew.

 Fortunately, Alice's whereabouts were known, as she was the one who had tricked the godson. She was said to be in a city along the border between the Kingdom of Migga and the Kingdom of Fairytlov, so I decided to go there.

 However, it was reckless to cross the border alone.

 Perhaps it was a bad thing that I was trying to get to Alice without being seen.
 Heading into a deserted area, he encountered a wolf demon. It must have come from the forest adjacent to the kingdoms of Failytrov and Migga. The forest has long been considered a place where demons are not allowed to enter. It has been said that you should stay away from the forest because sometimes demons overflow from the forest.
 However, the village near the forest had never been attacked, and I myself had never been attacked by a demon, so I had forgotten about it.


 I hear a wolf crying.
 It's looking at me. --Setting its sights on me.

"No, no, no, no, no! Come on!

 I scream and try to get away from the wolf demon. But my human legs are no match for the demon.
 I was pinned down by the creature, which let out a shrill cry.
 And then its sharp fangs and big mouth came at me.

 Memories of the past come back to me like a running lantern.
 Meeting my wife, having a child, Alice and that thing, living in the High Temple...
 Memories come and go in my head.
 Where did I go wrong? What should I have done wrong?

 The last thing I saw was the big mouth of a wolf demon. Before I knew it, I couldn't even think.

 --The end of my father.
 That's how the life of the godson girl and her sister's father came to an end. (That's how the life of the father of the divine girl and her sister came to an end. His life was cut short without being attended to by anyone.