235 princess and correspondence

 Hiccuped migga.
 My fiancée, the missing prince of the Kingdom of Migga.
 I don't know if Hiccup is still alive. I don't even know if he's really choosing to antagonize the king.

 It's just a guess on my part. But I believe that if he is alive, he will be on the side of the rebellion.

 And the fact that the neighboring kingdom of Migga is not stable is not a bad thing for the kingdom of Faerytorov either. That's why, with your brother Jurado's permission, I've decided to secretly intervene in the Migga Kingdom.

 ...... It is thanks to Alice that I was able to make this choice.

 Alice was taken in as a child of the gods and was selfish.
 Alice, who was taken in as a child and was selfish.
 Alice has changed and grown more than I thought she would.

 I never thought that Alice would ever say those words to me.

 But with those words, I decided to do more of what I wanted. Brother Jurado said when he gave me permission.

 "I won't cut you off if you fail, but I will cut you off if there's nothing I can do. --That's the right thing for a king to do.
 I don't act to be cut down. I don't act with only destruction in my future. Intervening in Migga's kingdom is an attempt at positive hope.
 I don't want to cut Hiccup off. --I want to see Hiccup alive again.

 That's why I've decided to move in secret.

 I don't know what the Venetians have in mind, but they seem to be willing to help me.

 The rebellion in the Kingdom of Migga has left the country in ruins and dead. I may be a bad person for trying to prolong the rebellion.
 By prolonging the turmoil in the Kingdom of Migga, I can benefit the Kingdom of Fairytlov. I understand that this is just a pretext. But it's because of that pretext that I can work for Lord Hiccup.

 To prolong the turmoil in the Kingdom of Migga so that others will not know that it is the intervention of the royal family of the Kingdom of Fairytlov.
 And if they do, you have the choice of bringing them to your side or eliminating them.

 The most important goal would be to meet Lord Hiccup and question him about his true intentions.

 Currently, what I am thinking is just a guess. There is a good chance that I will do something unintended by Hiccup by acting on my own.
 Therefore, I must first find out where Master Hiccup is.

 That is why I am asking you to do things that will prolong the confusion, but the thing that I am devoting the most manpower to is to find out where Hiccup is.
 However, if the Kingdom of Fairytlov finds out that we're intervening, things will get complicated, so we're keeping our numbers to a minimum. I wish I could move more people. .......
 If the kings of the Migga Kingdom find out about Hiccup's whereabouts, we'll be in big trouble.
 If Hiccup was just missing or kidnapped, we might be able to handle it, but in this case, there is a high possibility that Hiccup has voluntarily chosen to antagonize the king.
 The king must be made aware of Hiccup's true intentions and the intervention of the Kingdom of Fairytlov. We must not let that happen.

 ...... I wish I had more power.
 It's a frustrating feeling when you realize how helpless you are.

 I don't know if Hiccup is safe or alive.
 Because I don't even know if he's alive or not, I feel a bit of impatience in my heart.

 But there's no point in being impatient. You can't be impatient and careless. I don't want Hiccup's efforts to be in vain because of my impatience.

 --Please, be safe.
 --Please show me you're well again.

 I can't go to the Kingdom of Migga and look for Master Hiccup by myself. So I just gave orders and prayed for Hiccup's safety.

 --And then one of my men told me he'd heard rumors about Hiccup.
 I was happy about that, but it meant that there might be someone close to Hiccup who could hint at his whereabouts.

 It seems that Hiccup's surroundings are not as straightforward as I thought. Knowing this, I wanted to make sure that Hiccup was safe and to help him in any way I could.

 Hiccup said he wanted me to cut you off.
 I'm praying for your safety.
 I'm not gonna cut you down.
 --I chose with my own hands to let you carry me.

 Hiccup may reject me when he finds out I'm doing this. He might tell me to stay out of it. But I'd rather not have anything to do with it.

 So I'll force myself to be involved.

 --Princess, deal with it.
 The princess chooses to prolong the turmoil in the neighboring kingdom. (She chooses to prolong the turmoil in the neighboring country because she doesn't want to cut off her fiancé, and she doesn't want to be irrelevant.