237 Girl and confluence 1

Gaius, Mr. Orcasio, I'm back.
Lerunda, you're back. Thank God. I'm glad you're okay." "That egg is .......

 I went with Fresne to Gaius and the others. When I called out to Gaius and the others, they looked at me with surprise.
 They were surprised because I had a huge egg that they didn't have. But that's true, isn't it? I too would be surprised if I suddenly came back with such a big egg.

 Mr. Villar looked at it with a look of disbelief on his face, and I guess he knew at once that the egg was related to Mr. Douroian.

"Mr. Doroian gave me this. He said he'd leave it with me.
"How could God do that to a girl? I can't believe you gave me God's egg. ......

 Mr. Villar walked up to me with a fearful step and stared at the large egg I was holding in both hands.

"That dragon egg? Did the dragon give that to Lelunda?
"Yes. I heard a lot about it from Mr. Dollowan. He said that if I have any questions, I can ask the child born from here. He also told me that I could go and play with them.
"I see. I see you've made friends with the dragon. ....... Good.

 It seems that Mr. Ousatio was very worried while Fresne and I were talking with Mr. D'Aulëan.
 Mr. D'Aulëan is a very powerful dragon, so perhaps it was inevitable.

 Mr. Villar was looking at the egg with a shiver, but when he heard my words, he spoke up again.

Did the gods tell you you could go play? And the girl - no, Master Lelunda - is a great person to be able to take the egg from the gods. Was it God's guidance that made us feel like we couldn't leave her alone? He allowed us to have the Son of God by our side. ......
"Well, ......, Mr. Villar, this isn't exactly Mr. Douroian's child. He said it was an offshoot. He has the same knowledge as Mr. D'Oroian, but he's different. And you don't have to call me by my name so suddenly. I'm glad you call me by my name, but I'm happier when you call me by my name.
An alter ego? I'm glad you call me by my name, but I'm more than happy to call you by yours. Oh, I never thought I'd be able to see God and eggs with my own eyes. It must have been an unimaginably mysterious sight to see God laying an egg.

 ...... I think Mr. Biller will be shocked to hear that Mr. Douroian spat out an egg from his mouth. I think I'll keep quiet.
 But he's still very excited. It's like deja vu. Oh, so you're just like Mr. Illume when he was in front of me. Yes, if you think about it, I think you look exactly alike.

 To be honest, I don't like to be seen that way.
 But I've accepted to live as a godson. I've made up my mind. So I understand that I have to accept the way you look at me. But I'm surprised when he suddenly acts like this.

But I'm surprised when he suddenly acts this way. "Well, ......, why don't we just go back to the village? We can't just stay here and rest.

 When I urged him to do so, he nodded.
 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that Lernda has received the God's egg," he said.
 I'm glad you didn't call me "Sama" when I said I would prefer it.
 It would be nice if we could get to know each other well enough for Villers to call us by our first names.

"You change so quickly, ......, Mr. Biller.
I'm sure that's why you're so special to Biller.
Yeah. Yeah, I guess so. But I'm really, really glad that Lelanda is back.
Thank you, Gaius. I'm also glad that you and Mr. Drouin are friends and that you're back together.

 I didn't have a bad feeling about it, but I was curious about what kind of a god Biller and his friends were.
 So I was glad that their god was a dragon like Mr. Douroian. It's because of Douroian that Mr. Villar called my name. That makes me even happier.

I'm worried about you. Isn't that egg too heavy?
"I'm glad you're back. I'm glad you're back.

 Riluha and Kamiha also took up positions on either side of me as I walked toward the village, calling out kindly to me.
 Their kindness makes me happy.

 Rilha and Kamiha offered to carry the eggs for me, but when I said that I wanted to make sure I didn't drop the eggs since Douroian had given them to me, they said, "Guruguru (then make sure you don't drop them).
 ...... You really have to make sure you don't drop it.
 I'm not even sure if dragon eggs can be broken by falling, but it would be a disaster if that happened.

 --Meet up with the girl.
 The girl joins up with her friends.