238 Girl and Confluence 2

 Carrying the egg that Mr. D'Aulëan gave me, I'm walking with the others towards the village of the Winged Ones.
 There were many steep slopes between the place where Mr. D'Aulën was and the village, and I couldn't go down alone while carrying the egg. So the people around me helped me to go down.

 Mr. Villar was also watching me slowly descending, as if he was on edge. My pace was slower than on the way down, considering that I was carrying an egg.

 But it seemed that he was more worried about the eggs falling out than about me. Even though he is more interested in me because I got the eggs, the dragon eggs are more important to him.

 I guess that's just the way it is. To Mr. Biller, Mr. Douroian's egg is more important than anything else.
 It was God's egg for them.
 To protect it, Mr. Villar and the others might do anything.

 We have to make sure they don't. If the child born from this egg is a different person from Mr. Doulourean, but possesses the same knowledge, then there may be no problem. .......
 I'm not sure if this is the same thing as a baby. It may have knowledge, but it is no different from a baby.

 That is why I, who was entrusted with the egg by Mr. Doroian, have to be strong.
 Even if Mr. Villar and the others are acting in the best interest of the child, they may try to do something that is not in the best interest of the child when viewed objectively. Since Mr. Villar is so polite to me, other people might have the same attitude. They may have a much greater attitude toward this girl than they have toward me.
 I will have to deal with such things firmly.
 When I think about it, I feel that my responsibility is great.
 A life has been entrusted to me by Douroian. ...... When I thought about it, the egg in my hand felt even heavier.

"Lern Da, what's wrong? Are you tired?
No. I'm not tired. No. I'm not tired. I'm fine. I was just wondering if I could raise you properly once you were born from an egg.
You said you were different even though you had the same knowledge as the dragon. You said you have the same knowledge as a dragon, but you're different, so it might be hard to raise a baby.

 Fresne tells me.
 I should have asked Mr. D'Aulëan about that. He said he had the same knowledge as Mr. D'Aulëan, but he didn't say whether he was like a baby or had the brain of an adult.
 Is it possible that baby dragons can't do anything like human babies? Is it possible that baby dragons have intelligence from birth?

Well, it's okay either way. You have me, and you have many friends in Lelunda. If we all help each other, we can handle a being born from a dragon's egg.

 Fresne smiled at me, and I felt relieved.
 My anxiety is slowly disappearing because of my dear friends. They stand by me and lend me their strength.
 Fresne's words made me happy to realize that.

 I'm not alone. There are many people who can help me if I reach out to them.
 I was relieved to know that if I tried to do something wrong, there would be someone to stop me.

I need to think of a name for her.
"Right. We'll have to think about it.

 You said that he doesn't have to be named the same as Mr. Douroian, so I have to think about it.
 However, I can't decide what kind of name I want to use.
 The names of the gryphons and the sifo were given to me on a hunch, because he said they could be anything I wanted them to be, but ...... this child hasn't even been born yet. I don't know what I'm going to do if someone says, "I don't like this name" after the baby is born. 
 What kind of name would you like to use for your newborn ......? I feel that if I give it a strange name, Villers might say something.

"Guru Guru Guru.
"Gulu, gulu, gulu, gulu, gulu. We'd better think about getting down first.
That's true, too. We don't want to get so caught up in thinking of a name that we drop it.

 Thinking of names is important, but first we have to think about getting back to the village. After that, we have to go back to the village.
 I don't think we'll be attacked by a demon unless it's something serious, but the power of the gods is not universal. So we have to be careful.

 I wonder what kind of child will be born.
 Will this child get along with me?
 With these thoughts in mind, I finally made it back to the village of Bira and the others.

 --Meeting up with the girl 2
 (The girl who is a godchild returns to the village, feeling the weight of life)