239 The reaction of the girl and the village

 I returned to the village from Mr. Doulouane's place. When I returned to the village, the winged people in the village immediately noticed that I was carrying a large egg.
 Seeing the large black speckled egg, they could immediately sense that it was no ordinary egg.

"No way, those eggs are .......

 The fact that they were carrying an egg that they didn't have when they went there made them immediately realize that it was something related to Mr. Dourouwen.
 They have incredulous expressions on their faces.

 And their eyes are fixed on the egg.

"Biller ......, that egg.
Lerunda is holding the egg of our god, as everyone imagines. Lerunda became friends with the god and was given the egg.

 As soon as Mr. Biller said this, their eyes turned to me.
 I was a little surprised to see them all looking at me at once.

 They stared at me as if waiting for me to speak, and I opened my mouth.

The god of the Villagers, Mr. D'Aulëan, gave it to me. I've heard that an offshoot of Mr. D'Aulëan will be born.

 They looked more and more incredulous at my words. And when they fully understood my words, they knelt down.

 That's how special Mr. Douroian is to them.

Mr. Dourouin may be the god of the Villagers, but ......, I was just given it, so there is no need to kneel like that. I will take good care of the eggs that Mr. Doroian gave me. I want you to take care of the eggs that Mr. Doroian gave me.

 I made such a request. Even if Mr. D'Oroian is a god to them, the child to be born is different from him.
 Even if it's an alter ego of Mr. D'Oroian, it's different.

 From the moment this child is born, it will be treated as special by the winged ones.
 Like a god to them.

"I will raise her in the village below. If you take good care of her, I hope she will be good friends with us.

 We don't know how the Villagers will react to us now that I have brought back Mr. Douroian's eggs.
 It's good that they won't force us to raise the eggs ourselves or anything like that, but I wonder how they will respond to us. I hope they will be friendly with us.

 At my words, the billers looked up.
 They're staring at me.

 I wonder what they're thinking. What kind of choice are they going to make?
 I come from a different background, a different way of thinking, everything. But even if we can't communicate completely through words, we can try to understand each other.

...... We can't be at odds with the beings who receive the eggs of God and raise them. We want to follow the will of our God. God gave Lernda this egg, and God showed Lernda that he would get along with her.

 Mr. Villar stood up and looked around at the faces of the others.

"Considering God's will, we should be on Lelunda's side. By siding with Lernda, we can also show our faith in God. So I should try to spend more time with Lerunda and the others.
You're right.
I think we should follow God's will.
It is necessary for us to cooperate with her to show our heart to God.

 They agreed with Ms. Biller's words.
 Then they looked at me again.

...... Can we get more involved in your village?
"We'll have to consult with you first. We can't make decisions on our own, we have to consult with you.
I suppose that's true. ...... It may be unreliable for us to say this, having attacked those humans, but for us, God is the most important thing. We can't choose not to be friends with a village whose god has chosen to entrust his eggs to us. We can't betray the god. That's why we won't become enemies of Lelanda and the others.

 Biller said, turning his serious eyes to me.
 Billar's words didn't seem to be a lie. And I don't think they'd lie if it had to do with Mr. Douroian, whom they worshipped as a god.

 However, I can't simply decide on my own, so we all have to discuss and decide how we will interact with Mr. Biller and the others who have expressed their desire to be more involved with us.
 If I had been the only one, I might have easily chosen to bring them into the fold. Or if I hadn't experienced the uproar that ensued when I brought in people from my own ethnic group, I might have brought them home without thinking, thinking that it was good to be friendly.
 But it's not just my problem. And since everyone has a different way of thinking, I shouldn't make decisions based on my own thoughts alone.

 The villagers nodded at my words.

 Then, after a day's rest in the village, we returned to the village.

 --The girl and the village's reaction
 When the girl returned to the village, they immediately noticed the eggs.